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A customized program for the Caisse de Dépôt et de Gestion du Maroc

Between HEC Montréal, the International University of Rabat and Groupe CDG

November 3, 2021

Over the coming months, HEC Montréal will be offering an international training program adapted to the needs of senior managers of Groupe CDG (Caisse de Dépôt et de Gestion du Maroc). The program, l’Essentiel d’un MBA (EsMBA – ONE CDG), will be given in co-operation with the International University of Rabat.  

This three-way partnership will be overseen by the Académie Groupe CDG, an organization supporting its associates in adjusting to internal culture changes in the group. 

“We are very pleased to launch this unique program, which draws on the strengths of 2 renowned universities, supports the organizational transformation of Groupe CDG, and contributes to the development of Morocco,” says Hassan N. Taghvaï, Executive Director of International Relations and Partnerships. He notes that the program, created over a period of 2 years, was made possible with the assistance of Agnès Darmaillacq, Director of International Activities and Student Mobility, and Alain Gosselin, Honorary Professor and advisor on international program development.

The program was officially launched on October 22, and will train 400 managers over a 4-year period, in 4 groups of 25 every year.

It will be delivered in person in Morocco. Each group will receive 21 days of training before taking part in a Learning Expedition, a specialized immersive program, in Rabat and, for some participants, in Montréal.

Created in 2011, l’Essentiel d’un MBA (Essentials of MBA) is one of HEC Montréal’s flagship programs, adaptable to different international clienteles. With its flexible approach focusing on practical applications, it is designed to explain the most advanced management concepts to teams of professionals, executives and business managers.


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