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Short films to encourage green initiatives and inspire young people

School alumni take part in the Changer de cap project

February 13, 2020

Five HEC Montréal alumni have embarked on a tour of Quebec CEGEPs to present a series of short documentaries looking at ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Changer de cap project was launched in fall 2019 by Productions du Rapide-Blanc. Alumni Johanna Baës, Stéphane Chalmeau, Jose Fuca, Anne Gauthier and Abrielle Sirois-Cournoyer were asked to identify a number of green initiatives across the province.

A film crew, headed by director Marie-Josée Cardinal, followed the group as they travelled and visited different projects.

Three of these alumni have an MSc in Management of Social Innovation from HEC Montréal. Another of them holds a Bachelor's in Business Administration, with a specialization in Marketing and Sustainable Development, while Stéphane Chalmeau has an MSc in International Business and is also a Lecturer at the School.

A variety of initiatives

A total of seven short films were produced, on themes ranging from housing to food and transportation. Among the projects featured is the HEC Montréal Hectare urbain, an example of urban agriculture. The team also visited “green” villages and neighbourhoods, community repair and manufacturing workshops, and car-sharing systems.

Restoring hope

The projects chosen by the School’s five ambassadors, jointly with the producers, had to be the kind of initiatives that would restore hope among younger generations.

“Director Marie-Josée Cardinal and producer Sylvie Van Brabant wanted to bring new hope and address the eco-anxiety felt by many young people,” explained one of the spokespeople for the project, alumna Anne Gauthier. “We also wanted to make young people aware of the impact of our current lifestyle on the environment.”

Touring CEGEPs

The CEGEP tour starting in eastern Quebec will continue throughout the province until March 31, 2020. The encounters between the project ambassadors and students will be an opportunity to screen some of the short films, of course, but will also leave plenty of time for discussion and new ideas. Students will be invited to think about their future and suggest ways of applying in their own lives what they take away from the encounters.

The Changer de cap project received a $150,000 grant from Environment and Climate Change Canada.


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