Over $15,000 raised for needy students

June 12, 2012

On June 9 and 10, 12 members of the HEC Montréal community staged a relay race between Montreal and Quebec City, a first for HEC Montréal. They managed to raise over $15,000, which will go to providing emergency assistance bursaries and incentive bursaries for students with major short-term financial needs or who have to work too many hours in order to adequately meet their basic needs.

A team of 12 runners – HEC Montréal faculty, employees, graduates and students – took part in this first Montreal-Quebec relay race, at the invitation of the initiator of the charity event, Full-time Lecturer Pierre Saint-Laurent (Finance). The other participants were Patricia Boisclair (BBA student), Joanne Griffith (Publishing Secretary, Case Management Centre), Philippe Hébert (MSc student), Pierre-Olivier Legault Tremblay (BBA 2003), Sophie Marmousez (Assistant Professor, Accounting), Iwan Meier (Associate Professor, Finance), Stéphanie Milsé (MSc student.), Michelle Paquin (BBA 2005), Jean-Sébastien Pilon (Lecturer), Pierre Trottier (Director, Legal Affairs and Secretariat of Instances, Secretariat General) and Marc-Antoine Trudel (BBA student). They ran for more than 25 hours straight, day and night.

Upwards of 250 generous donors supported the team by contributing via the yoyomolo.com site, an online donations site recently designed by Thomas Geissmann, a Specialized Graduate Diploma in Management student and President of the Génération firm. Donations are still welcome, in fact, and can be made through the page for the event.

The HEC Montréal Foundation offers its most heartfelt thanks to the runners and donors. Their efforts and generosity have made it possible to provide many students with substantial support. The Foundation also salutes Pierre Saint-Laurent for his extraordinary contribution to this cause. In 2011, thanks to its generous donors, the Foundation awarded over $133,000 to some 122 students in urgent straits.


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