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HEC Montréal and the world

Connected to the world

HEC Montréal has been open to the world for over a century, and its reputation spans far beyond the borders of Quebec and Canada. It has built a strong tradition of welcoming students, collaborating, and sharing knowledge and earned a reputation as one of the world’s top-tier educational institutions. It continues to create and solidify partnerships all around the globe to support its community members in ambitious forays beyond their own borders.


HEC Montréal prides itself in its cosmopolitan faculty and student community and is a staunch champion of equity, diversity and inclusion. Every year, more than 4,000 people from 144 different countries come to study on its campus, and HEC Montréal supports them on their journey to success. It also encourages students who want to settle in Quebec to adapt to the culture and to learn French.

Rayane Oularbi

“I came to Canada hungry to experience new things, and there were so many possibilities out there for me. I was glad to receive so much guidance and support, which made it that much easier to adapt to the culture and to the school system here. And it helped me find what I really wanted to do: logistics.”

Rayane Oularbi, student – Bachelor of Business Administration program


HEC Montréal draws on a solid network of partner organizations to open international doors to the members of its community, giving them many opportunities to break through and have new experiences in other countries: international mobility programs, job and career development opportunities, knowledge transfer opportunities, and more.

Annie Lafleur

“The international exchange program made it possible for me to experience new things as a student in Melbourne, on the other side of the planet. I took some time away, immersed myself in another culture, encountered a whole world of new products—and came back home with an idea for my own business.”

Annie Lafleur, graduate, founder of DAMdrinks (veggie-based drinks)

Over the past ten years, nearly 4,500 students have joined our international exchange program to study at one of our 167 partner institutions in 45 different countries and regions, and some 1,400 people have studied at one of our international campuses, supported by faculty members in over 30 locations.


HEC Montréal shares its research and teaching expertise with other organizations and partners all over the world, in the form of training courses and other knowledge transfer options in all areas of business administration.

“I love the richness of sharing experiences with professionals from all over the world. It helps me ground my knowledge in local contexts and better outline what I’m going to teach and what issues I’m going to do research into.”

Claudia Rebolledo, Professor, Department of Logistics and Operations Management

HEC Montréal works tirelessly to develop and strengthen its worldwide community of alumni, and it actively partners with top-tier universities and internationally renowned organizations.