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Our alumni in Canada… and beyond!

Our 100,000 alumni together represent a strong worldwide network. They can rely on the support of our delegates, whose role is to grow HEC Montréal’s visibility and impact far beyond the campus.

Delegates: Your connection to HEC Montréal

Delegates are responsible for organizing various networking activities. They also serve as the primary point of contact for alumni, faculty and staff travelling abroad for business.

As dedicated fellow alumni, they can help drive your career forward by sharing their experience and letting you tap into their wide-ranging business network.


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Lou Larochelle

“I organize social events that bring our New York alumni together and reinforce their pride in their alma mater. I meet so many amazing people doing this and I have a lot of fun. Plus it’s a way to make sure there’s a little French in my life every day!”

Lou Larochelle (HEC Montréal 2013 and 2017), HEC Montréal’s New York delegate

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Our regional chapters in Canada

Jean-Sébastien Jetté HEC Montréal 2003, president

François Nadeau HEC Montréal 2001, president Picto Linkedin

Éric Martineau HEC Montréal 2010
Francine Laurin HEC Montréal 2013

Christina Thomas HEC Montréal 2009, president

Carl St-Laurent HEC Montréal 1994, president

Carte Canada

A worldwide network of delegates






Carte du monde


CÔTE D’IVOIRE Daniel Lamarche Picto Linkedin
SENEGAL Djibril Ngom Picto Linkedin
TUNISIA Yamen Bouzouita Picto Linkedin



CHINA (BEIJING) Julien Mazloum Picto Linkedin
CHINA (HONG KONG) Antoine Vatar Picto Linkedin
JAPAN David Matte Picto Linkedin


North/South America

USA (NEW YORK) Lou Larochelle Picto Linkedin
CAYMAN ISLANDS Joe Torbey Picto Linkedin
MEXICO Sandrine Dupriez Picto Linkedin



FRANCE Bureau International Europe Picto Linkedin
LUXEMBOURG Florence Benaise Picto Linkedin
UNITED KINGDOM Marine Pajot Picto Linkedin
SWITZERLAND (LAUSANNE) Yann Leclerc Picto Linkedin
SWITZERLAND (LAUSANNE) Daniel Cimon Picto Linkedin
SWITZERLAND (ZURICH) Anna S. Lambin Picto Linkedin
SWEDEN Patrice Létourneau Picto Linkedin

HEC Montréal Europe Alumni proudly represents our association in Europe.



NEW ZEALAND Charles Cayrat Picto Linkedin


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