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HEC Montréal is coming downtown


A look back on the project, 4 years later

The Hélène Desmarais Building is now up and running, after four years of hard work by our teams. The building bustles with activity every day—a testament to how seamlessly it fits in with the vibrant downtown business district. Take a look back at the highlights of its construction, from the groundbreaking ceremony in fall 2019 to its opening at the start of the academic year in September 2023. (In French only)

Hélène Desmarais Building

Modernity, functionality, sustainability. HEC Montréal wanted everything in its downtown building, down to its esthetic, to reflect the principles that have made the university the highly reputable institution it is today.

Programs and services

The Hélène Desmarais Building has enabled HEC Montréal to expand its training and service offering. The school is now closer to its business clientele in the downtown core, fostering knowledge sharing to help businesses thrive.


Gold LEED Certification, a building design that supports biodiversity, and promotion of active transit are just some of the ways the Hélène Desmarais Building has exemplified the principles of sustainable development since the early design stages to become a model of sustainability.


HEC Montréal has sought to embed itself in the downtown core by involving the neighbours and local community in the design of its new building. It is continuing this approach with the goal of making this an inclusive and welcoming forum for dialogue.

“HEC Montréal is now firmly rooted in the downtown business district, where we strive to build a school that is at the cutting edge of innovation and devoted to training responsible leaders who will contribute to the advancement of organizations and the sustainable development of the community.”

Federico Pasin, Director of HEC Montréal


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HEC Montréal – Hélène Desmarais Building

501 Rue De La Gauchetière Ouest
Montréal, QC H2Z 1Z5


Metro: Square-Victoria-OACI

REM: Gare centrale