MBA Crossroads Toronto 2023

Carrefour MBA Toronto 2023

JUNE 5th, 2023

Office tours, behind the scenes and networking in Toronto


We’re looking for companies to break down barriers and open their space for a visit from our MBA talent in Toronto!

This will be the perfect opportunity to combine city pleasures and know-how on an office tour of your company! Students registered for this trip will be looking to move to the city or GTA in the coming months and are open to new opportunities starting September 2023.

Depending on the time slot, the visit can include a breakfast, lunch or coffee during the Q&A or networking session.


Intending to go beyond academics, such office tours give students firsthand information regarding functioning and real working environment along with experiencing employer's brand. Moreover, it helps them picture their future working place by giving them exposure to current work practices.

From the feedback received on our previous visits, participants found the experience very informative and interesting!

  • Unique opportunity to showcase restricted areas and offer behind-the-scenes experiences to future applicants
  • Show that your company is transparent as you’re inviting people into the space where you work every day
  • Let your audience meet different team members
  • Bring your employer brand to life like never before
  • Connect on a deeper level with applicants
  • Evaluate on-the-spot soft skills during visit time


  • Full-time MBA students from HEC Montréal
    • English speaking, multilingual, or bilingual students
  • Open to new opportunities in Toronto or GTA starting September 2023


Companies interested in welcoming a group of students on Monday, June 5th, 2023, can contact Marion Malique, Advisor, Corporate Relations, to reserve your place or to discuss opportunities at

Maximum of 3 companies for this event.

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