Examples of the responsibilities of a BBA intern


IMPORTANT:  These are only examples of responsibilities and are intended to give you an idea of the duties of students and employers. No internship will be automatically accepted because it is found in an internship description.

For an internship to be accepted, an intership agreement (in French only) must be completed so the academic internship coordinator can analyze the content in its entirety. 


International Business
Business Analysis – Information Technology
Applied Economics
Project Management
Operations and Logistics Management
Human Resources Management
Sustainable Development Management
Business Intelligence


International Business 

  • Help organize a trade mission
  • Help develop business strategies in an international context
  • Research and identify businesses looking to break into new international markets
  • Assist with import-export projects
  • Coordinate the planning and scheduling of deliveries from international suppliers
  • Conduct economic, business, and market analyzes
  • Analyze potential business opportunities

Business Analysis – Information Technology  

  • Help set up new computer systems
  • Manage and provide technical support for ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) business software
  • Help define managers’ business needs so they can be translated into technical needs
  • Analyze business needs to define IT solutions
  • Conduct analyzes, get them approved, and then document the IT solution
  • Identify the impact on business processes to support change management
  • Build and maintain documentation that is functional, precise, and accessible to everyone concerned
  • Analyze, design, and help develop information systems


  • Perform substantive testing
  • Analyze variations in financial statement items
  • Help compile management reports on financing
  • Help produce financial information
  • Support the team in the application of new accounting standards

Applied Economics 

  • Compile information relating to several databases
  • Conduct economic, business, and market analyzes
  • Prepare financial profiles and analyzes on competitors, industries, and potential clients
  • Develop tools that make it easier to monitor and analyze economic conditions
  • Use statistics tools to analyze economic and financial data
  • Help develop or improve analytic processes and econometric models
  • Analyze issues relating to competitor practices


  • Work for a startup with great potential
  • Carry out commercial prospecting missions
  • Conduct market studies
  • Support entrepreneurs in strategy and writing a business plan
  • Develop an innovative project within an organization
  • Identify opportunities, develop value propositions, and improve the business model


  • Conduct analyzes and build investment portfolios
  • Advise clients on the best strategies to grow their accumulated capital
  • Provide support and assistance in updating financial models and other analyzes
  • Analyze financial models within different sectoral groups
  • Build databases for the treasury in a logical, structured way
  • Collaborate to improve portfolio management reports and tools
  • Monitor pension plan performance
  • Build a full financial model, from hypotheses to the company’s financial statements

Project Management 

  • Create a work breakdown structure (WBS) and chart
  • Define sequencing activities and logic
  • Create timeline models in MS Projects
  • Make progress report templates
  • Support the launch of a new website: monitor deliverables, timelines
  • Manage technical tools to plan project monitoring

Operations and Logistics Management 

  • Support teams by coordinating continuous improvement projects
  • Prepare invitations to tender
  • Chart logistic flows
  • Negotiate with suppliers on quotes they have provided
  • Optimize business processes using a systemic approach
  • Forecast demand
  • Production scheduling
  • Coordinate and follow up on shipments from internal departments and follow up on them
  • Prepare certain reports and analyzes relating to the proper functioning of the supply chain
  • Take part in the process of improving different product lines as part of production planning and inventory management
  • Quality management (ISO 900, reject reduction, better use of resources)
  • Manage the company’s stocks using ERPs or WMSs

Human Resources Management 

  • Support the recruitment process: posting jobs, evaluating applicants, phone interviews, using the CV Manager system
  • Provide support for Canadian and international salary management programs
  • Support all annual pension, savings and group insurance plan activities
  • Produce a full framework for organizational development at every level of the organization
  • Update the welcome kit for new employees
  • Help write the evaluation guide and forms

Sustainable Development Management 

  • Do a literature review of good practices in sustainable management
  • Produce content for the program to incorporate management practices into sustainable performance
  • Assist the manager in planning, organizing, launching, and closing community engagement events
  • Work with community organizations and non-profits to conduct projects that will involve the company’s employees
  • Create an internal and external network in the community to stimulate interest in community assistance
  • Develop and follow a budget to execute and maintain the program
  • Help set up a circular economy program

Business Intelligence 

  • Help improve the business intelligence platform
  • Help define and create reports and dashboards
  • Ensure data integrity
  • Conduct various data analyzes and data modelling
  • Create and monitor key performance indicators in order to identify problematic situations
  • Participate in weekly meetings and brainstorms to analyze these key indicators. Propose solutions and improvements.
  • Help create and maintain the documentation system
  • Carry out test cases in the database and document the results
  • Design and develop information systems
  • Synthesize and present the data for a project
  • Collect and process data


  • Help standardize various processes in branches (logistics, communication, recruitment, personnel and inventory management)
  • Develop and implement strategic partnerships
  • Evaluate the needs of all departments to improve employee well-being in the workplace
  • Try to optimize the work environment between departments
  • Find software/solutions that will meet the company’s needs
  • Participate in change management and organizational transformation projects
  • Help create competition strategies
  • Help set up new organizational processes


  • Participate in developing a communication/marketing plan
  • Create communication and launch tools for internet and email promos
  • Develop new marketing strategies
  • Help conduct market studies
  • Carry out client prospecting, follow up with inactive clients
  • Define and implement a strategy to develop and strengthen brand awareness on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram
  • Write content for social media and a blog
  • Help research keywords and carry out search engine optimization (SEO) for the website

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