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Recognition of prior credits

If you wish to obtain university course equivalencies, you must apply after you have been admitted to your program but before you have enrolled. Incomplete requests will automatically be refused.

Submit one application per institution. No equivalency will be granted for university courses required as a condition of admission or those offered by professional associations.

Allow about five weeks for processing your application. You will be notified of the decision by email to your HEC Montréal address.

Any application for equivalency that has been granted by HEC Montréal will appear in your transcript.



Equivalency may be granted if one or more training activities successfully completed by a student at another university institution meet the requirements established for a course or a block of courses in his or her program. A course for which equivalency has been granted will appear in the transcript with the note “EQ”. All credits for courses recognized by equivalency count as part of the total credits required to complete the program. However, no grade will appear on the transcript for this course and it will not be included in calculating the student’s average.

For information on the HEC Montréal policy on course equivalency.



  • Complete the form and indicate the course(s) to be analyzed.
  • Attach the following documents:
    • a copy of your transcript;
    • the detailed initial course outline for each course concerned.

Studies in Quebec

Ask your university to send us your official transcript.

Studies outside Quebec

You must submit your original official transcript or a copy certified by the issuing educational institution (unless it is included with the application for admission) to the program administration

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