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You are automatically registered for the Thesis activity every term (fall, winter and summer) from the initial registration to the end of your studies.

Step 1: Preparation

Register to the three-hour seminar Preparation for Thesis Completion in the first term of your MSc program. The goal of this seminar is to present the resources at your disposal and the monitoring tools put in place to ensure a good progression.  This seminar is not for credit.

Step 2: Registering for the research workshop

Register for the research workshop for your structure before completing 21 course credits.

During this workshop, you must:

  1. register your thesis topic in HEC en ligne (Academics > Academics > My thesis portal) to have it approved;


    Are you planning to write your thesis in English or in the form of articles?

    To write your thesis in English, ask for authorization (in French) from the Academic Affairs Office (for specializations in French only)..

    To write your thesis in the form of articles, complete these three forms and submit them to the Academic Affairs office:

  2. submit your study plan by the end of the term, as stipulated in ZoneCours.

Step 3: Initial submission

It can take up to 12 weeks to process and evaluate your thesis and for you to be awarded your diploma. Please take this into consideration if you need to renew a study permit, submit a post-diploma permit application or confirm your attendance at convocation.

Term of submission  Fall 2019 Winter 2020 Summer 2020
Deadlines December 13, 2019 April 24, 2020 August 13, 2020

Confirmation of enrollment

Make sure you are enrolled in the Master’s program in the term in which you are to submit your thesis, and that you have attended the research workshop.

If your file is inactive and you have not exceeded the deadline of five years, complete the Short Administrative Request form. You will have to pay the tuition fees for the term in which you submit your thesis.

If you have exceeded the deadline, please contact your administration program.


Make an appointment


Submission of documents

Make sure you bring the following duly completed documents to your appointment:

  1. The checklist for submitting the initial version of your thesis.
  2. The Initial submission of a thesis form received by email in PDF format.
  3. Three bound copies of your thesis, printed on both sides of the page (plus a fourth copy if there are co-directors).
  4. Approval from the ethics committee (CER): follow the instructions in the checklist.

Step 4: Thesis evaluation and final submission

The jury members may request corrections to your thesis.

Evaluation Approval Final submission
No corrections n/a Submit the PDF version of your thesis to your program administration.
Minor corrections Before the deadline set by the jury, submit the final corrected version to your thesis director as a PDF file. After reviewing your corrections, the director sends your thesis in PDF format to your program administration.
Major corrections Before the deadline set by the jury, submit your corrected thesis according to the initial submission procedure (steps 2 and 3).

You will be re-enrolled in the thesis-writing activity until you submit your final version. Consequently, new tuition fees will apply.

You must submit the final version in order to graduate.

The PDF version is considered the final and original copy of your thesis. In case of differences with the paper copy, the PDF version will be deemed the original reference document.

The thesis will be filed and kept in the HEC Montréal archives.

Guides and tools

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