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Entrepreneurship scholarships

Entrepreneurship scholarships are designed to encourage entrepreneurship and to recognize future entrepreneurs.

Eligibility requirements

Consult the Scholarship Directory as eligibility requirements vary from one scholarship to another.


Submit an application

The school agrees to respect the confidential nature of the projects submitted. 


Documents to submit

1. Video pitch (2 min), YouTube format:

  1. What is your offer or solution?
  2. What sets you apart from the competition?
  3. Why are you the best person for this project? (project-entrepreneur match)

Tips for the video: :

- Do not repeat the elements that you have submitted in your application, but rather add elements that are not written.
- Make sure your YouTube link works if someone else wants to watch the video
- Do not present your business model (BMC-VPC) or read a text, but seek originality and creativity.

2. Business Model
3. Letter of endorsement (one letter per candidate with a 1 page max.)
  1. How you came to know the student
  2. Entrepreneurial potential/personality traits of the student that would make him or her a good entrepreneur
  3. Potential of the student project (not compulsory, but desirable).
    The letter cannot be written by any members of the Entrepreneurship Hub or any members of your family. The jury reserves the right to verify references.

4. CV (1 page max.)

5. Link to your LinkedIn page

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