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Entrepreneurship scholarships

Entrepreneurship scholarships are designed to encourage entrepreneurship and to recognize future entrepreneurs.

Eligibility requirements

Consult the Scholarship Directory as eligibility requirements vary from one scholarship to another.


Submit an application

The school agrees to respect the confidential nature of the projects submitted. 


Documents to submit


Video tips:

  1. Presentation video [1 to 2 minutes maximum]
  1. Client pitch video [1 minute maximum]

Make a video addressing your clients (advertising slogan).

Using images and/or narration, show:

Creativity is very important at this stage. By the end of the video, a person should want to go buy your product or service.

  1. BMC video [3 minutes maximum]

For more information and help developing your Business Model Canvas©, see this tool.

Using the BMC dynamically, present your business model and the verification steps you have taken so far.

The jury expects to see the BMC presented in a way that is creative and that showcases the strengths of the tool and the key elements of your company.



  1. Executive summary [1 page]
  1. CV [1 page]
  1. Cover letter [1 page]
  1. Letter of endorsement [1 page]

Who can write this letter for you?

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