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Medical emergency

If a person’s life is in danger:
  1. Call 911 immediately.
  2. Call Security Service: 514-340-6611.
  3. Make sure that the surroundings are safe before getting close to the person.
  4. Do not move the person except if the premises are unsafe.
  5. Reassure the person and wait for the help of a first-aid worker (or a member of Security Service).
  6. Try to find a first-aid kit.
  7. Never give food or drink to the person.
  8. An infirmary is available at the security office in Côte-Sainte-Catherine, Decelles and Hélène Desmarais buildings.

Emergency requiring transportation by ambulance
We recommend that a colleague or first aid worker who is on the scene ride in the ambulance with the person requiring assistance.

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