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Armed intruder

There are no certainties concerning the appropriate behaviour in the presence of an armed intruder. The following recommendations are therefore based on the behaviour observed by the staff of institutions with similar experiences. In emergency situations, it is essential to be well prepared and adopt risk reduction measures. Security Service therefore encourage you to get familiar with the following:

Training video – Armed intruder

Training – Armed intruder

In the presence of an armed intruder:

  1. Remain calm and silent.
  2. Avoid attracting the individual’s attention.
  3. Avoid making eye contact with the individual.
  4. Never attempt to stop an armed intruder.
  5. Do not pull the fire alarm.

If you can exit safely:

  1. Evacuate the premises discreetly.
  2. Keep your hands in the air so that the police know you are not a threat.
  3. Tell everyone you meet to leave the premises immediately.
  4. Once you are safe, call 911 immediately and provide the location and description of the individual. Then call HEC Montréal Security at (514) 340-6611.
  5. Follow instructions from emergency response services (police/firefighters) and HEC Montréal Security.

If you cannot exit safely, consider a lockdown.

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