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Bomb threat

In a bomb threat situation:

  1. Do not put an end to the telephone conversation and write down the phone number on the call display, if available.
  2. If you answer the call from an HEC Montréal telephone, record the call if you can.
  3. Listen, remain courteous and never interrupt the caller.
  4. Make the caller repeat the instructions or pretend to have trouble hearing in order to buy some time.
  5. Pay attention to anything that could help you locate and identify the caller.
    Whenever possible, ask the caller questions and write down the answers with the exact words used by the caller.
  6. Let the caller hang up first.
  7. Contact Security Service (514-340-6611) immediately to notify them of the situation and to relay all relevant information so they can launch the appropriate emergency measures:
  8. Remain calm.

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