A first mobile pediatric unit

How can we ensure that the largest number of children from disadvantaged families have access to the health system? By operating a smart pediatric care clinic that will move from place to place in their neighbourhoods. This social and technological innovation, initiated by four MBA students and supported by Pôle IDEOS, HEC Montréal, is generating a lot of buzz.


For many vulnerable families all across Canada, access to healthcare is hampered by a series of obstacles, including:

  • linguistic, cultural and psychological barriers;
  • lack of awareness, which might lead to mistrust or non-use of the health system.

So, many of these patients often end up in hospital emergency rooms rather than going to other medical facilities. This increases stress, complications, and costs for families, while also adding to ER overcrowding.


Ma MobiClinique will be Quebec’s first mobile pediatric clinic, a bus from which pediatricians will provide medical care for children.

  • It will be equipped with two examination rooms, a triage area with a nurse and a waiting room.
  • The bus will be parked within walking distance of the families.
  • A Web application will enable parents to easily sign up a day ahead.
  • The clinic will be inclusive, accessible to people with reduced mobility, and will work on sustainable energy.
  • Ma MobiClinique offers an alternative and innovative model of pediatric care to serve the needs of the population more effectively by involving children and their families as active participants in care.

In order to fulfill the mission and build the social entrepreneurship model of Ma MobiClinique, its creators:

  • have begun to forge strong ties with the community fabric, public health stakeholders and several hospitals;
  • will use new technologies and artificial intelligence, to primarily guarantee efficient management of appointments and medical follow-up care.


Ma MobiClinique, which was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 2018, is attracting major interest from stakeholders in the healthcare sector, the startup ecosystem and several companies. The project is largely supported by Dr. Geoffrey Dougherty, Director of General Pediatrics at Montreal Children's Hospital.

The project has also received:


Johanne Turbide

"This is a co-creation project. It involves both the community fabric and public health stakeholders, as well as the families, who will actively participate in the care that children will receive." 

Johanne Turbide, Professor, Co-Director of Pôle IDEOS


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