Financial Assistance for Scientific Edited Books

Based on funds availability, the Research Knowledge and Transfer Office offers grants to financially assist professors in the task of developing and editing research books for the dissemination or synthesis of recent scientific knowledge, or for the popularisation of science of research results of the applicant.

Maximum Amount

$7,500 per year for an original research work

Funded Activities

Writing of an edited book; activities connected to the preparation of an edited book or to the editing of such a book.


February 1st
September 1st

Eligibility Criteria

  • Be a HEC Montréal research faculty member.
  • Not hold special research funds (FSR) the balance of which is equal or superior to the requested amount, except for new professors.
  • Not be a chairholder.
  • Handbooks for teaching purposes are not eligible.

Evaluation Criteria

  • An original book that presents an original synthesis of knowledge or new research results on a subject that contribute to the advancement knowledge.
  • An original book for the public with high potential of popularizing research results from projets of the applicant.
  • Actual need for funding (taking into account any active funding and its intended use).
  • Outcomes of previous Financial Assistance for Scientific Edited Books, if applicable.


  • Must include a description of anticipated book contents (attached with the form, maximum 4 pages) with: objective, detailed table of contents to assess the feasibility of the project and the timeline for writing and publication.
  • Must be submitted using this form and sent to the following address:

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