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Online Application User Guide

Apply online and submit your supporting documents

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Supporting documents


Step 1 – Personal information   

All HEC Montréal files are open in alphabetical order according to the last and first names appearing on the birth certificate or document proving the applicant’s legal status in Canada.

Specify the province or state only if the selected country is Canada or the United States.

Step 2 – Program selection

You must complete all fields marked with an asterisk (*).

Step 3 – Contact details 

You can check the Preferred box if you have entered more than one phone number. That way, HEC Montréal knows which number to call first should you need to be contacted. If you live in Canada or the United States, only the area code is required. If you live outside Canada or the U.S., you must also specify a country code.

Step 4 – Emergency contacts

Parental Information: Names and surnames must begin with an uppercase letter followed by lowercase letters. You are required to provide information for both parents, even if they are deceased. If you do not know the identity of one of your parents, please check "Unknown".

Step 5 – Student identification number 

Permanent code
If you have already studied in Quebec, the name used to create your permanent code will be used. You must therefore make sure that the name you enter is identical to that shown on your college (CEGEP) transcripts. This name will follow you throughout your studies at HEC Montréal and will appear on your diploma.

Step 6 – Current and previous studies 

Main diploma
You must specify the primary degree you are submitting in support of your application. Check only one box.

Year attended
It is important to detail your current and previous studies, starting with the most recent year of studies. Include all years of study.

Diploma conferred
If you have earned your diploma, you must complete the Year of degree field. If no degree is awarded for this type of studies, select Not applicable.

Grade point average (GPA) on
- Applicants who have studied at a CEGEP in Quebec must enter their R-score.
- The GPA is required for all levels of study
- The GPA can be entered using any notation system.
- The GPA must be numerical, e.g. 11 out of 20. Otherwise, enter it in the Ranking or other field.
- Applicants whose GPA is not calculated on their transcripts are not required to calculate it.

Results achieved
This field is used to specify:
- a non-numerical GPA, e.g. A+
- a ranking, e.g. 12th out of 40
- a comment, e.g. Très bien or First Class.

Enter the country where the diploma was awarded.

Enter the city where the diploma was awarded.

- To select an institution, first select the Country and City.
- If you cannot find the right institution, click Add institution.
The exact address of the institution that you add is not compulsory. Only the Institution and City fields are compulsory. 

Degree obtained or expected
If you cannot find the name of the degree, select Other degree and enter the name of the degree in the appropriate space at the bottom of the screen.

Field studied/Specialization
Enter the field of the diploma.

Level of study
If you cannot find the applicable level of study, enter the name of the level of study in the Other space at the bottom of the screen. Required only for undergraduate studies

Step 7 – Experience 

If the step is dimmed, do not take these specifications into account.
End date
If you are still employed in the last position listed, leave the End date field blank.

Years of employment experience
This field must indicate the number of years of full-time professional experience excluding internships. Consequently, the total number of years from various positions specified previously cannot be equal to this number. If applicable, include the number of years of professional experience acquired outside Canada.

Step 8 – Tests  

I f the step is dimmed, do not take these specifications into account.

B.B.A. program (trilingual only)
If tests were taken somewhere other than HEC Montréal, send us the scores as soon as possible.

D.E.S.S., M.Sc., MBA and Ph.D. programs
Candidates should carefully read the information regarding the tests required to meet the school’s admission criteria.

Step 9 – Curriculum vitae 

If the step is dimmed, go to the next step.

Step 10 – Additional information 

If the step is dimmed, go to the next step. Otherwise, answer all additional questions.

Step 11 – Languages 

If the step is dimmed, go to the next step. 

Step 12 – Letter of recommendations 

If the step is dimmed, go to the next step.

Step 13 – Submitting your application 

To submit your payment, check the Authorization and Declaration check boxes.
If, after submitting your payment, you realize that you have made a mistake while completing the application, do not complete a new one. Instead, write to documentsenligne@hec.ca and specify what you would like to correct, the application number appearing at the top left of your screen, your name and your date of birth.
A few days after you have submitted payment for your application, you can check its status by clicking the Application summary link (use the same user code and password you used when you created your application). Possible statuses are as follows: 
  • Incomplete :
The application fee payment transaction has not yet been processed.
  • Paid :  
The application fee payment transaction has been processed and your application sent to the Office of the Registrar.
  • Receipt :
Your file is ready to be examined, provided that the Office of the Registrar has received all required documentation.

Supporting documents

For the supporting documents, see the Admission page of your program, under Supporting documents, click on Steps of preparing an application.