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Sonja Rohmer

Assistant Professor,  Department of Logistics and Operations Management

Sonja Rohmer

Contact information

HEC Montréal
3000, chemin de la Côte-Sainte-Catherine
Montréal (Québec)
Canada H3T 2A7

Email : sonja-ursula-katharina.rohmer@hec.ca
Phone : Not available
Secretary: 514 340-6716
Fax : n/a
Office : 5.811

Other title(s)

  • Forthcoming


  • Ph.D. (Operations Research and Logistics), Wageningen University
  • M. Res. (Computer Aided Decision Support), Polytech Tours
  • B.A. (Management Science and Economics), University of Strathclyde


  • Operations Research
  • Sustainable Supply Chains
  • (Agri-)food systems
  • Logistics

Current research

  • Forthcoming

This publication selection covers the last five years.


Journal articles (7)

ALVAREZ DIAZ, Aldair Alberto, MIRANDA LUGO, Pedro Luis, ROHMER, Sonja Ursula Katharina; « Production routing for perishable products », Omega: The International Journal of Management Science, vol. 111, 2022, p. 1-15.

BUISMAN, Marjolein E., ROHMER, Sonja Ursula Katharina; « Inventory decisions for ameliorating products under consideration of stochastic demand », International Journal of Production Economics, vol. 252, 2022, p. 1-11.

CHEVROTON, Hugo, ROHMER, Sonja Ursula Katharina, BILLAUT, Jean-Charles; « A production and distribution framework: Manufacturer dominates », Computers & Industrial Engineering, vol. 155, 2021, p. 1-13.

ROHMER, Sonja Ursula Katharina, CLAASSEN, G.D.H., LAPORTE, Gilbert; « A two-echelon inventory routing problem for perishable products », Computers & Operations Research, vol. 107, 2019, p. 156-172.

ROHMER, Sonja Ursula Katharina, GERDESSEN, Johanna C., CLAASSEN, G.D.H.; « Sustainable supply chain design in the food system with dietary considerations: A multi-objective analysis », European Journal of Operational Research, vol. 273, no 3, 2019, p. 1149-1164.

ROHMER, Sonja Ursula Katharina, GERDESSEN, Johanna C., CLAASSEN, G.D.H., BLOEMHOF, Jacqueline M., VAN ’T VEER, Peter; « A nutritional comparison and production perspective: Reducing the environmental footprint of the future », Journal of Cleaner Production, vol. 196, 2018, p. 1407-1417.

VAN MIERLO, Klara, ROHMER, Sonja Ursula Katharina, GERDESSEN, Johanna C.; « A model for composing meat replacers: Reducing the environmental impact of our food consumption pattern while retaining its nutritional value », Journal of Cleaner Production, vol. 165, 2017, p. 930-950.

This selection of supervision activities covers the last five years.


Supervised project supervision – MSc in Management (1)

In codirection with : JANS, Raf
Capacity Planning at a Rice Manufacturing Firm , by Ragul Adhithya Rakkiappasamy Raadha
March 2023

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