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Michèle Breton

Professor,  Department of Decision Sciences

Michèle Breton

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HEC Montréal
3000, chemin de la Côte-Sainte-Catherine
Montréal (Québec)
Canada H3T 2A7

Email: michele.breton@hec.ca
Phone: 514 340-6490
Secretary: 514 340-6205
Fax: 514 340-6915
Office: 4.628

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  • M. Ing. (recherche opérationnelle), Polytechnique
  • Ph. D. (informatique), Université de Montréal


  • Game theory
  • Operations research
  • Decision analysis
  • Mathematical models in finance and in energy

This publication selection covers the last five years.


Journal articles (18)

BRETON, Michèle, SBRAGIA, Lucia; « Intra-brand competition in a differentiated oligopoly », Journal of Economics, vol. 132, no 1, 2021, p. 1-40.

AKARI, Mohamed Ali, BEN ABDALLAH, Ramzi, BRETON, Michèle, DIONNE, Georges; « The impact of central clearing on the market for single-name credit default swaps », The North American Journal of Economics and Finance, vol. 56, 2021, p. 1-21.

ANNABI, Amira, BRETON, Michèle, FRANÇOIS, Pascal; « Could Chapter 11 redeem itself? Wealth and welfare effects of the redemption option », International Review of Law and Economics, vol. 67, 2021, p. 1-15.

ZACCOUR, Suzanne, BRETON, Michèle; « Coopérer avec la nature: Que nous apprend la théorie des jeux sur la personnalité juridique de l’environnement? », Revue de droit et de développement durable de McGill/McGill Journal of Sustainable Development Law, vol. 17, no 1, 2020, p. 125-147.

BENCHEKROUN, Hassan, BRETON, Michèle, RAY CHAUDHURI, Amrita; « Mergers in nonrenewable resource oligopolies and environmental policies », European Economic Review, vol. 111, 2019, p. 35-52.

BEN ABDALLAH, Ramzi, BRETON, Michèle, MARZOUK, Oussama; « Wrong-way risk of interest rate instruments », Journal of Credit Risk, vol. 15, no 2, 2019, p. 21-44.

BRETON, Michèle, SBRAGIA, Lucia; « The Impact of Adaptation on the Stability of International Environmental Agreements », Environmental & Resource Economics, vol. 74, no 2, 2019, p. 697-725.

BRETON, Michèle, DAHMOUNI, Ilyass, ZACCOUR, Georges; « Equilibria in a two-species fishery », Mathematical Biosciences, vol. 309, 2019, p. 78-91.

BRETON, Michèle, MARZOUK, Oussama; « Counterparty risk: credit valuation adjustment variability and value-at-risk », Journal of Risk, vol. 21, no 5, 2019, p. 1-28.

BEN ABDALLAH, Ramzi, BRETON, Michèle; « History is Repeating Itself: Author Response », Financial Analysts Journal, vol. 74, no 1, 2018, p. 5-6.

BRETON, Michèle, MARZOUK, Oussama; « Evaluation of counterparty risk for derivatives with early-exercise features », Journal of Economic Dynamics & Control, vol. 88, 2018, p. 1-20.

BRETON, Michèle, BEN ABDALLAH, Ramzi; « Time is money: An empirical investigation of delivery behavior in the U.S. T‐Bond futures market », Journal of Futures Markets, vol. 38, no 1, 2018, p. 22-37.

BRETON, Michèle, SBRAGIA, Lucia; « Adaptation to Climate Change: Commitment and Timing Issues », Environmental & Resource Economics, vol. 68, no 4, 2017, p. 975-995.

BEN ABDALLAH, Ramzi, BRETON, Michèle; « An ex-post analysis of the CME Group’s solution to the 5-year gap issue », Applied Economics, vol. 49, no 60, 2017, p. 5992-6002.

BRETON, Michèle, GODIN, Frédéric; « Global Hedging through Post-Decision State Variables », Journal of Risk and Financial Management, vol. 10, no 3, 2017, p. 1-6.

BEN ABDALLAH, Ramzi, BRETON, Michèle; « History Is Repeating Itself: Get Ready for a Long Dry Spell », Financial Analysts Journal, vol. 73, no 3, 2017, p. 106-130.

BEN ABDALLAH, Ramzi, BRETON, Michèle; « To squeeze or not to squeeze? This is no longer the question », Journal of Futures Markets, vol. 36, no 7, 2016, p. 647-670.

BRETON, Michèle, MIRZAPOUR, Hossein; « Welfare Implication of Reforming Energy Consumption Subsidies », Energy Policy, vol. 98, 2016, p. 232-240.


Book chapters (3)

BRETON, Michèle, ZACCOUR, Suzanne; « Human vs River: Cooperation in Environmental Games Through Environmental Personhood », Games in Management Science: Essays in Honor of Georges Zaccour, Springer, 2020, p. 231-247.

BOYER, Martin, BRETON, Michèle, FRANÇOIS, Pascal; « Designing Insurance Against Extreme Weather Risk: The Case of HuRLOs », Ecological, Societal, and Technological Risks and the Financial Sector, Palgrave Macmillan, 2020, p. 91-122.

BRETON, Michèle; « Dynamic Games in Finance », Handbook of Dynamic Game Theory, Springer, 2018, p. 827-863.

This award and honor selection covers the last five years.

BRETON, Michèle
Prix Jean-Guertin, Grand Prix de pédagogie, HEC Montréal, 2018

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