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François Carrillat

Professor,  Department of Marketing

François Carrillat

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HEC Montréal
3000, chemin de la Côte-Sainte-Catherine
Montréal (Québec)
Canada H3T 2A7

Email : francois.carrillat@hec.ca
Phone : 514 340-6660
Secretary: 514 340-6413
Fax : 514 340-5631
Office : n/a


  • Ph. D. (Marketing), University of South Florida
  • M. Sc. (Marketing), Université Aix-Marseille III
  • B. Sc. (Marketing and Entrepreneurship), Université de Savoie-IUT/MSG


  • Consumer behaviour
  • Electronic word-of-mouth
  • On-line advertising
  • Entertainment Marketing (sponsorships, celebrity endorsements, cinema)
  • Branding
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Meta-analysis
  • Experimental design

This publication selection covers the last five years.


Journal articles (17)

BÉAL, Mathieu, GRÉGOIRE, Yany, CARRILLAT, François; « Let's Laugh About It! Using Humor to Address Complainers' Online Incivility », Journal of Interactive Marketing, 2023 (status : online).

O'ROURKE, Anne-Maree, CARRILLAT, François, WANG, Paul; « Is brand differentiation necessary for success? The role of purchase goal and confidence in the brand’s position », Journal of Marketing Management, vol. 38, no 3-4, 2022, p. 369-397.

BELLI, Alex, O'ROURKE, Anne-Maree, CARRILLAT, François, PUPOVAC, Ljubomir, MELNYK, Valentyna, NAPOLOVA, Ekaterina; « 40 years of loyalty programs: how effective are they? Generalizations from a meta-analysis », Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, vol. 50, no 1, 2022, p. 147-173.

MELNYK, Vladimir, CARRILLAT, François, MELNYK, Valentyna; « The Influence of Social Norms on Consumer Behavior: A Meta-Analysis », Journal of Marketing, vol. 86, no 3, 2022, p. 98-120.

BELLI, Alex, CARRILLAT, François, ZLATEVSKA, Natalina, COWLEY, Elizabeth; « The wellbeing implications of maximizing: A conceptual framework and meta-analysis », Journal of Consumer Psychology, vol. 32, no 4, 2022, p. 573-596.

PUPOVAC, Ljubomir, CARRILLAT, François, MICHAYLUK, David; « Slicing vs chunking product-harm crisis: antecedents and firm performance implications », European Journal of Marketing, vol. 56, no 7, 2022, p. 1856-1884.

RAO-HILL, Sally, CARRILLAT, François; « Getting some of that personality: There is an app for that! », Journal of Consumer Behaviour, vol. 20, no 4, 2021, p. 871-883.

D'ASTOUS, Alain, CARRILLAT, François, PRZYBYSZ, Audrey; « Legitimacy and sincerity as leveraging factors in social sponsorship: an experimental investigation », International Journal of Advertising, vol. 39, no 4, 2020, p. 504-522.

GEBHARDT, Gary, CARRILLAT, François, RIGGLE, Robert J., LOCANDER, William B.; « A Market-Based Procedure for Assessing and Improving Content Validity », Customer Needs and Solutions, vol. 7, no 1-2, 2020, p. 19-41.

MAZODIER, Marc, CARRILLAT, François, SHERMAN, Claire, PLEWA, Carolin; « Can donations be too little or too much? », European Journal of Marketing, vol. 55, no 1, 2020, p. 271-296.

CHANEY, Damien, CARRILLAT, François, ZOUARI, Abir; « Uncovering institutional orientation as a new strategic orientation in industrial marketing », Industrial Marketing Management, vol. 80, 2019, p. 242-250.

CARRILLAT, François, O'ROURKE, Anne-Maree, PLOURDE, Catherine; « Celebrity endorsement in the world of luxury fashion – when controversy can be beneficial », Journal of Marketing Management, vol. 35, no 13-14, 2019, p. 1193-1213.

CARRILLAT, François, GROHS, Reinhard; « Can a replacing sponsor benefit? Consumer responses toward a new sponsor in the context of a sponsorship change », European Journal of Marketing, vol. 53, no 12, 2019, p. 2481-2500.

CARRILLAT, François, ILICIC, Jasmina; « The Celebrity Capital Life Cycle: A Framework for Future Research Directions on Celebrity Endorsement », Journal of Advertising, vol. 48, no 1, 2019, p. 61-71.

BOEUF, Benjamin, CARRILLAT, François, D'ASTOUS, Alain; « Interference effects in competitive sponsorship clutter », Psychology & Marketing, vol. 35, no 12, 2018, p. 968-979.

CARRILLAT, François, LEGOUX, Renaud, HADIDA, Allègre; « Debates and assumptions about motion picture performance: a meta-analysis », Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, vol. 46, no 2, 2018, p. 273-299.

PURMEHDI, Mostafa, LEGOUX, Renaud, CARRILLAT, François, SÉNÉCAL, Sylvain; « The Effectiveness of Warning Labels for Consumers: A Meta-Analytic Investigation into Their Underlying Process and Contingencies », Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, vol. 36, no 1, 2017, p. 36-53.

This selection of supervision activities covers the last five years.


Supervised project supervision – MSc in Management (2)

Analyse d'impact différentiel du marketing événementiel interne et commandité et analyse d'impact de la qualité des événements sur la satisfaction générale et la perception de la firme B2B - Le cas de la Banque de développement du Canada , by Fanny Valérie Vadnais-Alcide
March 2022

In codirection with : D'ASTOUS, Alain
Impact des scandales sportifs et de marques sur l'attitude des consommateurs envers la marque et l'intention d'achat en situation de commandite et d'endossement , by Ilyas Lmokhtari
October 2017

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