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Aurélie Labbe

Professor,  Department of Decision Sciences

Aurélie Labbe

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HEC Montréal
3000, chemin de la Côte-Sainte-Catherine
Montréal (Québec)
Canada H3T 2A7

Email : aurelie.labbe@hec.ca
Phone : 514 340-3181
Secretary: 514 340-6472
Fax : 514 340-5634
Office : 4.821

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  • Doctorat (statistique), University of Waterloo
  • Maîtrise (statistique), Université de Montréal
  • Licence (mathématiques appliquées et sciences sociales), Université Paris-Dauphine
  • Licence (mathématiques pures), Université Versailles-St Quentin

This publication selection covers the last five years.


Journal articles (40)

LAROCQUE, Denis, ELMASRI, Mohamad, LABBE, Aurélie, CHARLIN, Laurent; « Predictive inference for travel time on transportation networks », Annals of Applied Statistics, 2023 (status : accepted).

ALAKUS, Cansu, LAROCQUE, Denis, LABBE, Aurélie; « RFpredInterval: An R Package for Prediction Intervals with Random Forests and Boosted Forests », The R Journal, vol. 14, no 1, 2022, p. 300-319.

LEI, Mengying, LABBE, Aurélie, WU, Yuankai, SUN, Lijun; « Bayesian Kernelized Matrix Factorization for Spatiotemporal Traffic Data Imputation and Kriging », IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, vol. 23, no 10, 2022, p. 18962-18974.

LEDEZMA-NAVARRO, Bismarck, MIRANDA-MORENO, Luis, SAUNIER, Nicolas, LABBE, Aurélie, FU, Ting; « Do stop-signs improve the safety for all road users? A before-after study of stop-controlled intersections using video-based trajectories and surrogate measures of safety », Accident Analysis & Prevention, vol. 167, 2022, p. 1-16.

STIPANCIC, Joshua, ST-AUBIN, Paul, LEDEZMA-NAVARRO, Bismarck, LABBE, Aurélie, SAUNIER, Nicolas, MIRANDA-MORENO, Luis; « Evaluating safety-influencing factors at stop-controlled intersections using automated video analysis », Journal of Safety Research, vol. 77, 2021, p. 311-323.

DOUARD, Elise, ZERIBI, Abderrahim, SCHRAMM, Catherine, TAMER, Petra, LOUM, Mor Absa, NOWAK, Sabrina, SACI, Zohra, LORD, Marie-Pier, RODRÍGUEZ-HERREROS, Borja, MARTINEAU, Jean-Louis, MOREAU, Clara, LOTH, Eva, SCHUMANN, Gunter, PAUSOVA, Zdenka, ELSABBAGH, Mayada, ALMASY, Laura, GLAHN, David C., BOURGERON, Thomas, LABBE, Aurélie, PAUS, Tomas, MOTTRON, Laurent, M.T. GREENWOOD, Celia, HUGUET, Guillaume, JACQUEMONT, Sébastien; « Effect Sizes of Deletions and Duplications on Autism Risk Across the Genome », American Journal of Psychiatry, vol. 178, no 1, 2021, p. 87-98.

STIPANCIC, Joshua, RACINE, Etienne B., LABBE, Aurélie, SAUNIER, Nicolas, MIRANDA-MORENO, Luis; « Massive GNSS data for road safety analysis: Comparing crash models for several Canadian cities and data sources », Accident Analysis & Prevention, vol. 159, 2021, p. 1-10.

FAGEERA, Weam, CHAUMETTE, Boris, FORTIER, Marie-Ève, GRIZENKO, Natalie, LABBE, Aurélie, SENGUPTA, Sarojini, JOOBER, Ridha; « Association between COMT methylation and response to treatment in children with ADHD », Journal of Psychiatric Research, vol. 135, 2021, p. 86-93.

ZHAO, Kaiqiong, OUALKACHA, Karim, LAKHAL‐CHAIEB, Lajmi, LABBE, Aurélie, KLEIN OROS, Kathleen, CIAMPI, Antonio, HUDSON, Marie, COLMEGNA, Ines, PASTINEN, Tomi, ZHANG, Tieyuan, DALEY, Denise, M.T. GREENWOOD, Celia; « A novel statistical method for modeling covariate effects inbisulfite sequencing derived measures of DNA methylation », Biometrics, vol. 77, no 2, 2021, p. 424-438.

ALAKUS, Cansu, LAROCQUE, Denis, JACQUEMONT, Sébastien, BARLAAM, Fanny, MARTIN, Charles-Olivier, AGBOGBA, Kristian, LIPPÉ, Sarah, LABBE, Aurélie; « Conditional canonical correlation estimation based on covariates with random forests », Bioinformatics, vol. 37, no 17, 2021, p. 2714-2721.

JAMSHIDI, Afshin, PELLETIER, Jean-Pierre, LABBE, Aurélie, ABRAM, François, MARTEL-PELLETIER, Johanne, DROIT, Arnaud; « Machine Learning–Based Individualized Survival Prediction Model for Total Knee Replacement in Osteoarthritis: Data From the Osteoarthritis Initiative », Arthritis Care & Research, vol. 73, no 10, 2021, p. 1518-1527.

DRAKULICH, Stefan, THIFFAULT, Anne-Charlotte, OLAFSON, Emily, PARENT, Olivier, LABBE, Aurélie, ALBAUGH, Matthew, KHUNDRAKPAM, Budhachandra, DUCHARME, Simon, EVANS, Alan, CHAKRAVARTY, Mallar, KARAMA, Sherif; « Maturational trajectories of pericortical contrast in typical brain development », NeuroImage, vol. 235, 2021, p. 1-12.

FAGEERA, Weam, SENGUPTA, Sarojini, FORTIER, Marie-Ève, GRIZENKO, Natalie, BABIENCO, Svetlana, LABBE, Aurélie, JOOBER, Ridha; « Sex-dependent complex association of TPH2 with multiple dimensions of ADHD », Progress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology and Biological Psychiatry, vol. 110, 2021, p. 1-7.

HUGUET, Guillaume, SCHRAMM, Catherine, DOUARD, Elise, TAMER, Petra, MAIN, Antoine, MONIN, Pauline, ENGLAND, Jade, JIZI, Khadije, RENNE, Thomas, POIRIER, Myriam, NOWAK, Sabrina, MARTIN, Charles-Olivier, YOUNIS, Nadine, KNOTH, Inga Sophia, MARTINEAU, Jean-Louis, SACI, Zohra, AUGER, Maude, TIHY, Frédérique, MATHONNET, Géraldine, MAFTEI, Catalina, LÉVEILLÉ, France, PORTEOUS, David, DAVIES, Gail, REDMOND, Paul, HARRIS, Sarah E., HILL, W. David, LEMYRE, Emmanuelle, SCHUMANN, Gunter, BOURGERON, Thomas, PAUSOVA, Zdenka, PAUS, Tomas, KARAMA, Sherif, LIPPÉ, Sarah, DEARY, Ian J., ALMASY, Laura, LABBE, Aurélie, GLAHN, David C., M.T. GREENWOOD, Celia, JACQUEMONT, Sébastien; « Genome-wide analysis of gene dosage in 24,092 individuals estimates that 10,000 genes modulate cognitive ability », Molecular Psychiatry, vol. 26, no 6, 2021, p. 2663-2676.

THALER, Lea, BRASSARD, Sarah, BOOIJ, Linda, KAHAN, Esther, MCGREGOR, Kevin, LABBE, Aurélie, ISRAEL, Mimi, STEIGER, Howard; « Methylation of the OXTR gene in women with anorexia nervosa: Relationship to social behavior », European Eating Disorders Review, vol. 28, no 1, 2020, p. 79-86.

JAMSHIDI, Afshin, LECLERCQ, Mickael, LABBE, Aurélie, PELLETIER, Jean-Pierre, ABRAM, François, DROIT, Arnaud, MARTEL-PELLETIER, Johanne; « Identification of the most important features of knee osteoarthritis structural progressors using machine learning methods », Therapeutic Advances in Musculoskeletal Disease, vol. 12, 2020, p. 1-12.

SCHRAMM, Catherine, JACQUEMONT, Sébastien, OUALKACHA, Karim, LABBE, Aurélie, M.T. GREENWOOD, Celia; « KSPM: A Package For Kernel Semi-Parametric Models », The R Journal, vol. 12, no 2, 2020, p. 189-208.

LESSA BENEDET, Andréa, LEUZY, Antoine, PASCOAL, Tharick A., ASHTON, Nicholas J., MATHOTAARACHCHI, Sulantha, SAVARD, Mélissa, THERRIAULT, Joseph, KANG, Min Su, CHAMOUN, Mira, SCHÖLL, Michael, RIGON ZIMMER, Eduardo, GAUTHIER, Serge, LABBE, Aurélie, ZETTERBERG, Henrik, ROSA NETO, Pedro, BLENNOW, Kaj; « Stage-specific links between plasma neurofilament light and imaging biomarkers of Alzheimer’s disease », Brain, vol. 143, no 12, 2020, p. 3793-3804.

MOREAU, Clara, URCHS, Sebastian G. W., KULDEEP, Kumar, ORBAN, Pierre, SCHRAMM, Catherine, DUMAS, Guillaume, LABBE, Aurélie, HUGUET, Guillaume, DOUARD, Elise, QUIRION, Pierre-Olivier, LIN, Amy, KUSHAN-WELLS, Leila, GROT, Stephanie, LUCK, David, MENDREK, Adrianna, POTVIN, Stéphane, STIP, Emmanuel, BOURGERON, Thomas, EVANS, Alan, BEARDEN, Carrie E., BELLEC, Pierre, JACQUEMONT, Sébastien; « Mutations associated with neuropsychiatric conditions delineate functional brain connectivity dimensions contributing to autism and schizophrenia », Nature Communications, vol. 11, 2020, p. 1-12.

MCGREGOR, Kevin, LABBE, Aurélie, M.T. GREENWOOD, Celia; « MDiNE: a model to estimate differential co-occurrence networks in microbiome studies », Bioinformatics, vol. 36, no 6, 2020, p. 1840-1847.

STIPANCIC, Joshua, MIRANDA-MORENO, Luis, STRAUSS, Jillian, LABBE, Aurélie; « Pedestrian safety at signalized intersections: Modelling spatial effects of exposure, geometry and signalization on a large urban network », Accident Analysis & Prevention, vol. 134, 2020, p. 1-11.

VILLANDRÉ, Luc, LABBE, Aurélie, BRENNER, Bluma, IBANESCU, Ruxandra-Ilinca, ROGER, Michel, STEPHENS, David A.; « Assessing the role of transmission chains in the spread of HIV-1 among men who have sex with men in Quebec, Canada », PLoS One, vol. 14, no 3, 2019, p. 1-16.

STIPANCIC, Joshua, MIRANDA-MORENO, Luis, SAUNIER, Nicolas, LABBE, Aurélie; « Network screening for large urban road networks: Using GPS data and surrogate measures to model crash frequency and severity », Accident Analysis & Prevention, vol. 125, 2019, p. 290-301.

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STIPANCIC, Joshua, MIRANDA-MORENO, Luis, LABBE, Aurélie, SAUNIER, Nicolas; « Measuring and visualizing space–time congestion patterns in an urban road network using large-scale smartphone-collected GPS data », Transportation Letters: the International Journal of Transportation Research, vol. 11, no 7, 2019, p. 391-401.

SHOKOOHI, Farhad, STEPHENS, David A., BOURQUE, Guillaume, PASTINEN, Tomi, M.T. GREENWOOD, Celia, LABBE, Aurélie; « A hidden markov model for identifying differentially methylated sites in bisulfite sequencing data », Biometrics, vol. 75, no 1, 2019, p. 210-221.

FAGEERA, Weam, TRAICU, Alexandru, SENGUPTA, Sarojini, FORTIER, Marie-Ève, CHOUDHRY, Zia, LABBE, Aurélie, GRIZENKO, Natalie, JOOBER, Ridha; « Placebo response and its determinants in children with ADHD across multiple observers and settings: A randomized clinical trial », International Journal of Methods in Psychiatric Research, vol. 27, no 1, 2018, p. 1-10.

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This selection of supervision activities covers the last five years.


Supervised project supervision – MSc in Management (21)

L'IA sur toute la ligne : analyse d'une agente conversationnelle téléphonique , by Olivier Simard-Hanley
January 2023

Les compétences dans le marché du travail canadien , by Abderezzak Amimer
November 2022

Maturational Specificities of Electroencephalographic in Infants , by Tyler Schwartz
August 2022

Outils d'aide à la décision et prévision de la demande en planification d'inventaire pour des pièces d'avions , by Zyad Benameur
August 2022

Détection d'anomalies dans les réseaux G5 spécialisés , by Christelle George
March 2022

Étude d'association entre la méthylation de sites spécifiques d'ADN et la réponse au traitement au méthylphénidate , by Svetlana Babienco
September 2021

Exploration de données et création d'un tableau de bord automatisable avec DataOZ , by François St-Amant
September 2021

Prédictions de ventes de côte-à-côte des concessionnaires aux États-Unis pour BRP Inc. , by David Bernier
September 2021

In codirection with : LAROCQUE, Denis
Simulation et inférence pour le temps de trajet sur les réseaux de transport urbains , by Adrien Hernandez
September 2021

Analyse prédictive de séries temporelles d'items vendus par une entreprise de détails , by Mawugnon Marie Joël Enock Dandoga
May 2021

Exploration et application en factorisation de matrices en contexte d'imputation , by Antony Masso-Lussier
March 2021

Automate the detection of booking manipulation to protect Air Canada inventory , by Seyed Hashem Adl
March 2021

Détection d'anomalies dans les machines-outils à commande numérique pour prévenir leur défaillance , by Georges Kattar
March 2021

Climate Modelling: Scenario analysis for an Investment Bank within U.S. Real Estate Sector , by Yukang He
January 2021

Étude de l'impact des variations de copies dans le génome sur la réponse cérébrale (activité électrique) , by Margaux Mizrahi
November 2020

Prédire la ferritine basse et l'inflammation avec des forêts aléatoires à effets mixtes , by Samuel Barbeau
March 2020

Simulation de politiques alternatives de financement des universités québécoises , by Éric Germain
September 2019

Prédiction des clients susceptibles de racheter un produit Can-Am Off-Road , by Valéry Masson
March 2019

In codirection with : LEGOUX, Renaud
Survival Analysis with Customers on a Monthly Subscription Basis , by Holly Chiu
March 2019

An Analysis of Intersections in the City of Montreal , by Frederic Premji
September 2018

In codirection with : LEGOUX, Renaud
Mise en place d'une plateforme analytique pour la compréhension des habitudes, préférences et emplacement de l'auditoire , by Josue Arturo Gutierrez Garcia
October 2017

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