HEC Montréal launches its new brand identity:
Where opportunities are created

Monday March 20, 2023


Montréal, March 20, 2023 – HEC Montréal has launched its new brand identity today under the signature: HEC Montréal. Where opportunities are created. Much more than just a business school, it wishes to reflect the full scope of its facets, from its entrepreneurial essence to its ability to support a wide range of career plans and ambitions, not to mention the dissemination of its knowledge and its cutting-edge solutions for the benefit of all spheres of the community.

HEC Montréal echoes the individual and collective aspirations of young people, managers, and society. This identity shall be presented through a multi-channel communication campaign in the spring of 2023.

This major renewal in the School’s history reflects its updated mission which emphasizes its wish to train leaders who will contribute responsibly to the success of organizations and to sustainable social development. The creation of this identity, which occurred over the past two years, addressed fundamental issues, notably through a survey on how HEC Montréal is perceived by the student population and the business community in Quebec, Canada, and Europe.


“Our brand has enjoyed an enviable position in education and research for over a century. We want to consolidate this reputation and demonstrate that HEC Montréal is constantly evolving and adapting to current challenges. It has powerful assets which it mobilizes to meet the profound expectations of society.”

Natalie Roussel, Office of Communications and Government Relations


Better reflection of HEC Montréal

The School wishes to reassert its standing in a changing world and an increasingly competitive academic environment. It intends to change its traditional perception among the public. HEC Montréal is a space for the emergence of potential.

The School believes that current complex challenges require a dose of creativity and the desire to do things differently, and its identity is thought-provoking to those who seek to achieve their personal and collective ambitions in this direction. It is still defined as an active ecosystem that powers new ideas and innovative projects in Canada and abroad.

For example, entrepreneurial support programs can help leaders soar towards sustainability, and become more committed to the environment and society. The dynamism of student life provides ample opportunities for participating in eco-friendly community projects or university competitions as far away as New Zealand. The School also offers the possibility of pursuing continuing education in hybrid mode, thereby adapting itself to current professional realities. Its student community is inspired by the research teams whose expertise ranges from artificial intelligence to social innovation and corporate social responsibility.


An internal creation

Essentially, HEC Montréal’s new brand took shape internally thanks to a unique approach adopted by the School. The redefinition of the brand positioning was spearheaded by the Office of Communications and Government Relations, with support from several of the School’s entities. The brand strategy firm Folk also provided assistance from the outset. Other local agencies also proffered their specific expertise.


“We had the opportunity to collaborate closely with the HEC Montréal team for developing the positioning and identity of the brand. An authentic brand must draw upon its past, its culture and its vision. Nobody can shine a spotlight on this subject better than the people within the organization. So we worked with them to weave in the external perspectives and bring the brand to life on all levels.”

Claudia Milord, EVP Managing Director, Folk


A multi-channel campaign

The new brand identity, which targets the current and future student community, organizations, and entrepreneurs, shall be presented through a multi-channel communication campaign in Quebec in the spring of 2023. This includes ads in the press, on radio, on social media, on p billboards, in the metro, and on the HEC Montréal campus. It is also relayed via various types of content on the School’s digital platforms.

Six members of HEC Montréal’s student and alumni community are headlining this campaign. These men and women with their varied profiles embody "opportunities" through their career paths and achievements. Their portraits are on the campaign website.


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