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BBA students raise over $80,500 for Équiterre

Hundreds of donors kick in for the environment and the climate

Tuesday October 27, 2020

Montréal, October 27, 2020 – Bachelor's in Business Administration (BBA) students at HEC Montréal raised over $80,500 in the week of October 4 through a 100% virtual fundraising drive to support Équiterre. Their success shows the importance of environmental and climate causes for donors and members of the student community in the midst of a pandemic. 

The fundraising campaign, which reached hundreds of donors – students, members of the public, businesses – in Quebec and elsewhere, including in Europe, was organized by the Association des étudiants de HEC Montréal (AEHEC) and its sports and recreation committee (CSL). The cheque for $80,554.12 will be presented shortly to Équiterre, which acknowledged on social media that its work on behalf of the environment would never be possible without the support of like-minded people and initiatives like those of the HEC Montréal student association. 

“Despite the pandemic, we continue to offer services remotely and remain close to our members and their concerns, including environmental and climate causes. We are extremely proud to have exceeded our objective of $70,000 in this time of social distancing. Together we can accomplish great things, and we will continue to be creative so as to encourage networking, sponsorship activities and work by our different committees,” says AEHEC President Vincent Rousseau. 

1,000 students in 18 teams using inventive approaches 

“Year after year, first-year BBA students at HEC Montréal rally to raise funds for a chosen cause. This year they raised $80,554.12 for Équiterre! It’s an exceptional amount, considering the current situation. For this 100% virtual fundraising drive, they used their imaginations and created online events. It’s at times like this that you realize the power of groups and how people can join forces to reach a common objective. These first-year HEC Montréal students have reason to be proud! What’s more, this fundraising campaign wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the HEC Montréal community and the many donors. Thanks to everyone for getting involved!” adds Alexia Filion-Lauzon, Vice-President, Sustainable Development. 

Over a ten-day period, 18 student teams put their ingenuity to work, rallying their communities to raise as much money as possible, appealing directly to the public, friends and families, and selling clothing and food. In addition to online pools, they collected donations and waste and offered accounting tutoring, a marathon on the Strava platform and Zumba sessions.  

The campaign was held as part of Humanitarian Week, one of the many inter-class activities for first-year BBA students.  

It was also supported by a number of Montréal firms: Tanit (eco-friendly hygiene products), Vêtements Moss Clothing, Stram (reusable straws and utensils) and MTL JTM (items celebrating Montréal culture). 

About the HEC Montréal student association (AEHEC)   

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Cécile Tarres
Vice-President, Communications | AEHEC – HEC Montréal