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When Audreyane Girard started her Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) at HEC Montréal, she had no idea just how much it would change her life. From the moment she stepped foot on campus, she was presented with a wide range of opportunities to develop key skills and home in on her academic goals. After four years of dedication to her studies and the student community, she is now fully prepared to enter the workforce.

“I discovered a world of possibilities.”

  • When she graduated from CEGEP, Audreyane chose to attend HEC Montréal, citing its reputation, openness to the international community and lively student life as factors in her decision. The biggest draw for her was the exposure she would gain to the business world. 

  • At the beginning of her bachelor’s degree, Audreyane took it slow, approaching her core courses (including logistics, accounting and finance) with an open and curious mind. She took the time to learn more about key issues in the corporate world without specializing in any particular area. 

  • As time went on, she gained momentum. She got involved in the AEHEC, the undergraduate student association at HEC Montréal, taking on the challenge of planning the graduation ball—a high-profile and complex task, but one she pulled off with aplomb, leading her to become president of the AEHEC the following year. She also took part in a number of student competitions, some as far away as New Zealand.

Audreyane Girard

“I am the president of an association representing 4,200 students, with a $2 million budget. Leading the AEHEC is like running a real company. The new skills I learned and education I received are invaluable.”

Arriving on the job market ready to hit the ground running

  • Planning a graduation ball during a pandemic gave Audreyane a management experience unlike any other. Putting together seven events over three days had her juggling a $500,000 budget and a wide variety of partners, not without the occasional crisis.

  • With her teammates in the student competitions, Audreyane became familiar with a variety of challenges that businesses face and came up with strategies to solve problems for specific cases. She got to take what she learned in the classroom and apply it to real-life scenarios, under the supervision of coaches who were HEC Montréal alumni—which also provided an opportunity to tap into the School’s powerful business network. 

  • “I am not the same person I was when I started,” says Audreyane, forever changed by her experience in the student community and the education she received as an undergraduate student. She will be leaving HEC Montréal not just with a diploma in hand (a BBA with a double major in marketing and accounting), but with proven management skills and a clear picture of her career prospects. 

HEC Montréal has shaped me into who I am today. Through my involvement in student associations, I have gained and strengthened so many skills and learned how to lead under pressure. Most importantly, I have grown not just as a student, but as a person.

Audreyane’s story

2019-2023 Bachelor of Business Administration with a double major in marketing and professional accounting – HEC Montréal
2021-2022 Organized HEC Montréal’s graduation ball, the second-largest university graduation ball in Canada
2022-Present President of HEC Montréal’s student association (AEHEC) and HEC Montréal board member
2022-2023 Competed in the Jeux du commerce, Relève Marketing and the Champions Trophy Case Competition (Auckland, New Zealand)

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