The HEC Montréal brand gets a makeover

Its new signature is “HEC Montréal. Where opportunities are created.”

March 20, 2023

The School has unveiled a new brand identity represented by the signature, “HECMontréal. Where opportunities are created.”

An image from the French component of the campaign.

A communication campaign was launched on Monday, March 20 to announce the renewed identity in the public domain. It includes ads in the media, on public transportation billboards, on highways, and on the HEC Montréal campus. It is also relayed via various types of content (texts, images, and short videos) on the School’s digital platforms. 

Six members of HEC Montréal’s student and alumni communities are headlining this campaign. These men and women with their varied profiles embody “opportunities” through their career paths and achievements.

Better reflection of HEC Montréal 

HEC Montréal has donned this renewed identity to become a space for the emergence of potential that echoes the individual and collective aspirations of young people, managers, and society. 

This new positioning intends to change the traditional perception of the School among the public. For instance, it highlights the entrepreneurial essence of HEC Montréal, as well as its ability to support the most diverse career plans. It also articulates the relevance of the knowledge and solutions disseminated by the School’s teams in all spheres of the community. 

This brand redefinition arises in the context of the 2020-2023 strategic plan. As a result, the School has reviewed its mission to emphasize its wish to contribute responsibly to the success of organizations and to sustainable social development. The School also feels compelled to reassert its standing in a changing world and an increasingly competitive academic environment. 

“Our brand has enjoyed an enviable position in education and research for over a century. We want to consolidate this reputation and demonstrate that HEC Montréal is constantly evolving and adapting to current challenges. It has powerful assets that it mobilizes to meet the profound expectations of society.”

Natalie Roussel, Director, Office of Communications and Government Relations.

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A collaborative exercise

The Office of Communications and Government Relations has spearheaded this redefinition work and created the campaign internally with support from, and in consultation with several of the School’s entities. 

It has also drawn on the expertise of brand consultancy firm Folk to develop positioning and campaign strategies. 

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