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New project to revive micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in Haiti

August 29, 2023

Political uncertainty and an unstable social climate in Haiti have seriously hampered the development of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), especially those being run by women. It is in this context that Desjardins International Development (DID) has recently launched the Relance project in collaboration with the HEC Montréal IDEOS hub, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of Haiti as well as several local partners, and with funding from Global Affairs Canada.

The purpose of this project, which amounts to $5 million over five years, is to support Haitian organizations in their drive for economic revitalization in order to contribute to financial security, social peace and poverty reduction in Haiti. This will be achieved by building upon the following:

  • Increased use of government and private programs and funds intended for MSMEs;
  • Creation of a structured support program to help entrepreneurs withstand shocks and strengthen their organization with a view to maintaining jobs and remaining in the market over the long-term;
  • Establishment of a research chair in entrepreneurial innovation, directed by a professor from a Haitian university, and an acceleration program.
Female entrepreneur in Haiti
Photo : Desjardins International Development

“This is the consolidation of several years of partnership with DID”, says Luciano Barin Cruz, Director and Co-founder of the IDEOS hub. “After having identified the main shortcomings in Haiti’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, this second project will enable us to implement our recommendations and contribute to the development of the country.” It should be noted that professors Natalia Aguilar Delgado and Kevin J. Johnson will also take part in this project.


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