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Nathalie Fagnan to be inducted as Distinguished Alumna at the next Gala Luminescence

October 10, 2023

HEC Montréal and the HEC Montréal Alumni Association will bestow the honorary title of Distinguished Alumna on Nathalie Fagnan at the Gala Luminescence on November 15, 2023.

This distinction is an opportunity for the School to recognize her extraordinary career trajectory, her contribution to elevating HEC Montréal’s standing, and the spirit of integrity and commitment to society that she embodies.

Ms. Fagnan will receive a special tribute at the Gala. Other awards will also be presented during the evening to HEC Montréal alumni, in the following categories:

  • Growth and Performance — Small and Medium Business
  • Growth and Performance — Large Business
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Social Impact
  • Global Recognition

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Nathalie Fagnan

About the winner

Nathalie Fagnan’s professional background is impressive, and she has held multiple senior management positions in the services sector. This journey, which began in 1987 with her first job at KPMG after receiving a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a CPA designation, has led her to the current position of president and CEO at Héma-Québec.

By taking over the reins of Héma-Québec, she fulfilled a wish and goals that she had set for herself in 2018. She had just returned to Quebec after spending many years in Toronto and New York, and all she wanted was to be able to give back to her home community.

With Héma-Québec, whose mission is to efficiently meet the needs of Quebec’s entire health network for quality blood and other biological products of human origin, Nathalie Fagnan accomplishes a task that is both essential and meaningful. The organization enables her to defend several values that she cherishes: humanism, respect for others, accountability, commitment.


“Throughout my career, I could never help but get involved with all my heart. The one constant in my life has always been passion, not only in all my previous roles but also in my current one at Héma-Québec. And what touches me even more is that humans and the goal of saving lives are at the core of our activities.”

Nathalie Fagnan, president and CEO at Héma-Québec


In addition to her responsibilities at Héma-Québec, Nathalie Fagnan serves on the board of La Presse and is chairperson of the board of Théâtre Prospero in Montréal. Getting involved in other sectors of activity so as to contribute to organizations was yet another intention of hers upon returning to settle down in her province.

She formerly worked with the communications group Publicis for 20 years in Canada and the Unites States, occupying various financial management positions, and served as executive vice-president and chief of operations. She also held this role at the firm Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton


HEC Montréal's influence

Her time at the School continues to exert an influence on her current role. There are two dictums that she still holds dear from this period:

One: standards of excellence are the ammunition for achieving success. Two: curiosity for learning should always be kept alive. She is also very rigorous in her approach towards everything. She reads a lot for work, and this allows her to expand her horizons and nurture her vision of both the present and the future.

She believes that the foundations laid by her accountancy training at HEC Montréal initially served as an excellent business card. This training also acted as a springboard for her entry into the business world with decisive confidence for future success.

“The pride of having attended a great school gave me confidence. I felt well-equipped, and well-armed. This gave me wings.”