Expert Panel on Digital Transformation in Healthcare: 2 Professors in the Advisory Committee

January 26, 2023

Since last March, two HEC Montréal professors, Guy Paré and Kevin J. Johnson, have been part of a panel of experts on the progress of digital transformation in Quebec’s health and social services sector.

The Digital Transformation and Optimization Office of the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux organizes quarterly meetings with dozens of healthcare representatives, experts, and academic researchers. Their main aim is to advise the management committee on various decision-making issues (orientation, planning and implementation), with a view to developing the Quebec healthcare system, and expediting digitization. Among other things, these experts were consulted in order to develop a list of tools that can monitor the progress of the digital transformation already underway in the network’s 34 institutions, thereby ensuring the achievement of predefined objectives.

Guy Paré

Guy Paré

Kevin J. Johnson

Kevin J. Johnson

“The digital transformation of our public healthcare system is a project that is necessary, ambitious, and also extremely complex. Setting up this panel of experts has been a wise and reassuring move by government officials. I am happy to be given an opportunity to share and apply the knowledge I have developed regarding digital health over the past 25 years.”

Guy Paré, Professor, Department of Information Technologies.

“Digital transformation entails profound cultural and managerial changes. What will be required, among other things, is a shift in mindsets, daily reflexes, and decision-making styles. It’s a pleasure to respond to the Ministry’s call by sharing my expertise and experience in organizational transformation in the network.”

Kevin J. Johnson, Associate Professor, Department of Management.

Guy Paré and Kevin J. Johnson specialize in digital health and organizational transformation respectively, and they provide complementary expertise within the advisory committee, whose mandate is still ongoing.

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