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HEC Montréal among the best universities in the world for management research

UTD and U.S. News rankings

April 14, 2022

HEC Montréal stands out for the volume and quality of its research publications. Indeed, the School is listed in the top 100 of 2 American rankings which assess research performance.


The UTD Top 100 Worldwide Business School Rankings

The University of Texas at Dallas (UTD), which produces an annual ranking of business schools that is very well-regarded in international academic circles, lists HEC Montréal 100th in the world, this year. The School ranks 72nd in North America and 6th in Canada.

This ranking compiles the scientific articles published over the past 5 years, in a subset of 24 scientific journals that the UTD considers to be the best in the field of management. Each article published by a school is assigned a score which is adjusted according to the number of researchers who have contributed to it and the number of their affiliations.

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US News Best Global Universities for Economics and Business Results

In this ranking, our school is grouped with the Université de Montréal and it ranks 94th in the category of the world’s top universities for studies in economics and management. It ranks 5th among Canadian universities.

This ranking takes into account the performance of the various institutions in terms of research for these specific subjects, as well as their reputation in this respect, on a global and regional scale.

Several criteria are evaluated, including publications (articles, books and conferences), number of citations, reputation, influence, collaborations and highly cited articles.

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