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Denis Chênevert tasked with change management in the healthcare system

December 2, 2022

Denis Chênevert will contribute his expertise in change management to assist practitioners and managers in the Quebec healthcare system. The Professor in the Human Resources Management Department and Director of the Pôle santé (Health Research Centre) was recently appointed to head the Change Management section of the LHS (Learning Health System) Support Unit.

The Unit, created in 2014, is the result of funding from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), among others. Its purpose is to promote learning and the adoption of best practices in healthcare systems, in order to improve management, care and services. The LHS Support Unit is made up of healthcare practitioners and expert researchers in organizational and clinical practices in healthcare.

The Unit’s approach, in line with much of the research conducted to date by Professor Chênevert, is to focus knowledge creation on patient experience. In this way, patients are seen as partners in explaining the difficulties encountered and finding solutions.

Professor Chênevert, as head of the Change Management section, will work with his team to come up with new findings and implement tools to support healthcare systems in making the changes identified by the Unit’s research. He will also respond to requests for assistance by the Unit from other players in the entire healthcare system.

He sees these new responsibilities as an opportunity to create synergy with the Pôle santé. The work of the LHS Support Unit will allow him to apply the knowledge derived from the centre’s research concerning the entire healthcare network.

The section under his responsibility receives funding of $400,000 per year, for a 5-year period, for total support of $2 million.


About Denis Chênevert

A Full Professor at HEC Montréal, Denis Chênevert teaches strategic human resources management at the School. In addition to his work with the Pôle santé and the LHS Support Unit, he is Co-Director of the Pôle D – Top Executives and Strategic Management Hub, holds a Professorship in Health and Work Climate and is a Research Fellow at the CHUM hospital.

He holds a PhD in Management from Université Toulouse I. He won the HEC Montréal award for the best textbook in 2009, and a Highly Commended Paper Award from the Journal of Health Organization and Management in 2013. He is a member of the university consortium of the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux and of the INSPQ Board.

His recent research focuses mainly on the connections between the work environment, absenteeism, professional burnout, turnover rates and individual and organizational performance in the health and social services system.


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