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Building French language skills at HEC Montréal: $49,000 in funding from the OQLF

May 18, 2022

As part of the Office québécois de la langue française’s (OQLF) program to support partnerships in francization, the Centre de formation en langues des affaires (CFLA) of HEC Montréal has received financial assistance of $49,000 to build French language skills.

The project Le français, les affaires et vous (French, business and you) aims to motivate the entire School community –faculty, staff members, and students– to think about the place of French in the business world with a view to promoting the language.

“We want to emphasize, together with the entire community, that HEC Montréal is a francophone institution and that this is one of the characteristics that makes us stand out. We must therefore be proud of this distinctiveness and we must promote it as best we can.”
says Valérie Patenaude, Coordinator of French Communication at the CFLA.
A CFLA French course.

To achieve this goal, the CFLA will carry out several actions in the coming year:

  1. Meet with the HEC Montréal community and conduct a qualitative study to pinpoint their ideas, challenges and needs related to the use and promotion of French at the institution.
  2. Form a joint committee of 5 to 10 ambassadors.
  3. Produce a 2023-2024 action plan, based on conferences with the community and the proposals of the committee members, to raise the profile of French at HEC and present the plan during Semaine du francais in March 2023.
  4. Survey the entire community to assess the impact of the project.


About the CFLA

The CFLA’s mission is to motivate and empower HEC Montréal students to invest in their own language learning with a view to developing first-rate communication skills in French, English, Spanish and Business Chinese.

In addition to offering courses, workshops, one-on-one tutoring sessions, and a French language exchange, the CFLA also provides translation, revision and terminology services to HEC staff.