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HEC Montréal releases the most in-depth look at family businesses in Quebec

L’Album de familles 2020

January 28, 2021

Although passing the torch to the next generation is the priority for 63% of family businesses, only 27% are formally preparing to do so. This is one of the observations in a statistical study entitled L’Album de familles 2020, released on January 28 by Familles d’affaires | HEC Montréal, a research centre on business families, backed by Deschênes | Molson | Lesage.

The “family album” looks at 443 firms in an effort to paint a clearer portrait of these essential pillars of the economy, so as to better inform political decision makers, business advisors and business families themselves.

The study was conducted in partnership with the National Bank | HEC Montréal Institute for Entrepreneurship and with the special collaboration of the Fondation des familles entrepreneuriales. It is intended to be published every two years.

Shedding light on current issues

These results are the first of their kind in Canada. They provide information on the situation of family businesses and the issues now facing them: job parity, succession, governance, new generations, and COVID-19.

“Thanks to the results of this statistical study, and to the guidance and advice of acknowledged local experts, we finally have meaningful and representative information on the challenges and needs of the wide variety of business families throughout Quebec,” explains Luis Cisneros, Scientific Director of the Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Acquisition and Business Families Hub. “The organizations that advise, finance and support them will now be able to offer more relevant services and better understand their clientele.”

Some highlights of the study

Concerning succession planning and the shift to digital technology:

Concerning the COVID-19 pandemic:

About future generations and parity in company management:

Read the report on the study (in French)

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