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New Top Executives and Strategic Management Hub

November 3, 2020

HEC Montréal is announcing the creation of the Top Executives and Strategic Management Hub. The goal of this new research and knowledge transfer hub will be to develop and share knowledge on the day-to-day realities and strategic challenges facing executives.

The Top Executives and Strategic Management Hub is committed to becoming an international reference in understanding the work of executives as C-suite leaders, stewards of the management team’s dynamic, and strategic architects of organizations. Through its research and knowledge transfer activities, the Hub will also contribute to the development of senior managers and their management teams in Québec, Canada and elsewhere around the world.

The Hub will be co-directed by Denis Chênevert, Professor, Department of Human Resources Management, and Alaric Bourgoin, Associate Professor, Department of Management.

This project is the result of an initiative originally spearheaded by Réal Jacob, Honorary Professor, and Yves Devin, Associate Professor, at HEC Montréal. Numerous meetings held over the past few years with Québec executives revealed that further applied research was needed to help management teams develop and improve their performance.

The achievement of this project was made possible thanks to close collaboration between HEC Montréal professors and executives (or former executives) of leading Québec-based organizations. Associate professors Yves Devin (former CEO of the STM) and Robert Dutton (former CEO of Rona) will, in their role of co-directors of knowledge transfer at the Hub, be supporting Denis Chênevert and Alaric Bourgoin. 

In addition to HEC Montréal’s team of professors, the Hub will be able to rely on the support of a variety of external collaborators from the university, business, or public sectors.

The co-directors of the Top Executives and Strategic Management Hub, Denis Chênevert and Alaric Bourgoin.