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A paper by Roman Lukyanenko honoured by MIS Quarterly

2019 Best Paper Award

September 1, 2020

A paper by Professor Roman Lukyanenko has received one of the most prestigious annual awards in the field of information technology and information systems management, recognized as the best paper of 2019 by MIS Quarterly.

The paper, Expecting the Unexpected: Effects of Data Collection Design Choices on the Quality of Crowdsourced User-Generated Content, was co-authored with Jeffrey Parsons, Yolanda F. Wiersma and Mahed Maddah.

MIS Quarterly is a leading publication in the IT field and generally one of the most influential in the business community. As such it is on the list of 50 journals recognized by the Financial Times (FT50).

The paper by Professor Lukyanenko and his colleagues explores the effects of different design choices by organizations when collecting crowdsourced user-generated data.

They define certain limitations of crowdsourcing and validate the approach based on open-ended questions (rather than closed multiple-choice ones). The result is more accurate and complete information leading to more discoveries. The paper also suggests processes and methods, in particular based on artificial intelligence, to obtain better-quality data that can be easily analyzed. 

This research is particularly useful for organizations, since it identifies the most useful models for using crowdsourcing in different data-collection contexts


About Roman Lukyanenko

Roman Lukyanenko is an Associate Professor in the Department of Information Technologies at HEC Montréal. He obtained his PhD from Memorial University in Newfoundland, under the supervision of Dr. Jeffrey Parsons. His research interests include conceptual modelling, information quality, crowdsourcing, artificial intelligence, design science research and research methods.

In addition to his articles in MIS Quarterly, his work has appeared in several very well-known scientific journals including Nature, Information Systems Research, the Journal of the Association for Information Systems and the European Journal of Information Systems.

In 2015, the Association for Information Systems (AIS) presented him with the Award for the Best Doctoral Dissertation in the Information Systems Field. 

Professor Lukyanenko is also the President of the Special Interest Group on Systems Analysis and Design (SIGSAND), a group affiliated with the AIS.