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A winning article by Eduardo Schiehll

November 5, 2019

Eduardo Schiehll, Professor in the Department of Accounting Studies, received the Best Paper Award for a scholarly article presented at the 5th International Corporate Governance Society (ICGS) Conference, held at Essex Business School, in the United Kingdom.

The award-winning article is entitled When Is Protection Over-Protection? Symmetric Versus Asymmetric Property Rights. It was co-authored with researchers Henrique Castro Martins, Luiz Ricardo Kabbach de Castro and Paulo Rento Soares Terra.

This is a comparative study of the differences between 30 countries in the legal protection that applies to external capital suppliers, specifically minority shareholders and creditors of joint-stock companies.

The study is unique for its theoretical contribution to the level of complementarity and substitution among corporate governance mechanisms and for its managerial implications, as it informs policy makers about the impacts of certain regulatory changes.

“When it comes to governance, there is a lot of talk about increasing regulation, and what this article demonstrates is that in certain contexts, an excessive level of regulation could be detrimental to market development,” explains Professor Schiehll.

About Eduardo Schiehll

Eduardo Schiehll is a Professor in the Department of Accounting Studies at HEC Montréal. He holds a Ph.D. in business administration, with a specialization in management accounting. Prior to joining the faculty at HEC Montréal, he accumulated over 10 years of teaching experience in addition to having worked as an auditor and consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Brazil.

His research and teaching activities focus on corporate governance, designing management control systems, and performance management, topics on which he has published numerous scholarly articles.