Jean Bertrand Gauthier Wins the Best PhD Dissertation Award

May 30, 2017

Jean Bertrand Gauthier

The 2016 award for the best PhD dissertation went to Jean Bertrand Gauthier (PhD 2016, Management Sciences), for his thesis entitled Primal Algorithms for Degenerate Linear and Network Flow Problems.

Supervised by Professor Jacques Desrosiers, Jean Bertrand’s dissertation was praised for its quality, impact, originality and potential social contribution.

It presents methodological solutions to the phenomenon of degeneracy, first of all, by considering network problems. Degeneracy has been studied for 60 years now, and is a decisive factor in the practical efficiency of the simplex algorithm. While the algorithm is used to try to improve a solution, for instance routing of mail-delivery vehicles, degeneracy leads to numerous unproductive calculations.


What Makes this Dissertation Exceptional?

By bringing together optimization concepts around primal algorithms, the dissertation concludes that degeneracy is algorithmic, rather than inherent to the problem at hand. This research will make a great contribution to the Montréal IT industry, not only for the optimization software companies AD OPT and GIRO, but also for all their clients around the world. The findings of the dissertation will certainly be reflected in both basic and advanced textbooks in the near future.

About the Winner

Jean Bertrand Gauthier holds an MSc in Management Sciences from HEC Montréal and a Bachelor’s degree in Actuarial Science from UQAM. This is by no means his first award from the School. He also won the award for the best Master’s thesis, in 2011–2012, and the 2015 Esdras Minville Award (student).

He is also the 350th doctoral student at HEC Montréal to successfully defend his dissertation. In addition, he was recommended to the Association des doyens des études supérieures au Québec (ADESAQ) for its competition for the best dissertation in the field of natural science and engineering. He is now a post-doctoral fellow at the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, in Germany, and is also collaborating on a project with the Group for Research in Decision Analysis (GERAD).

Congratulations to Jean Bertrand, who received a prize of $3,000, and to the finalists for the award for the best PhD dissertation in 2016:

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