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Energy management programs

High-level, practical, innovative programs
for managers

With its unique expertise in the energy management sector, HEC Montréal offers organizations a range of customizable programs or degrees that meet the needs of their managers.

Adapted to sector needs

  • Programs developed for high-level executives in the electricity, natural resources, mining, gas and oil sectors.
  • Knowledge required for the energy sector, including a deep dive into the major issues and project analysis.
  • Initiation to the main principles of management, including energy management systems (EMS).
  • Notions relating to leadership, mobilization, strategy and change management.
  • New teaching methods that integrate theory and practice, analysis and synthesis, and reflection and action through case studies, team projects, simulations, and other activities.
  • Application of knowledge acquired in the program in a project to be defined in cooperation with the partner organization.
Pierre-Olivier Pineau

“Acceptability, sustainability, and environment—now more than ever, the energy sector must face new questions. Our programs provide the solid theoretical and practical skills needed to meet these day-to-day challenges.”

Pierre-Olivier Pineau, Chairholder of the Chair in Energy Sector Management

Graduate Diploma in Management – Energy, Mines and Natural Resources

Program awaiting approval.

Program overview

  • Program with theoretical and practical training for people who wish to pursue a management career in the energy, mining or natural resources sectors.
  • Program offered abroad, but subject to the usual conditions for admission and graduation at HEC Montréal.
  • Program adapted to the current realities of these sectors and to the training needs specified by organizations.
  • Development of specific skills in areas such as : project evaluation and financing; optimization of system operations; development and commercialization of energy efficiency and energy transition programs.
  • Development of a strong understanding of energy markets, energy and environmental policy, and investment and operational decisions.


Fundamentals (12 credits)

  • Basic Corporate Finance
  • Fundamentals of Management
  • Managerial Economy
  • Decision Support Models

Specialization (15 credits)

  • Energy Value Chain
  • Energy, Mines and Resources Sector Investment and Operations
  • Derivatives and Risk Management in Energy, Mining and Resources
  • Regulation and Issues in the Energy Sector
  • Developing and Marketing Energy Efficiency and Transition Program

Project course (3 credits)

  • Supervised Study Project


Program overview

  • An immersive, specialized program in renewable energy management that exposes participants to the realities of this industry, both in Canada and around the world.
  • Offered to managers and executives, either on HEC Montréal campus or remotely.
  • An in-depth look at management issues through immersion in HEC Montréal’s dynamic ecosystem, which is innovative and highly collaborative.
  • Expert seminars; industrial and corporate visits.



  • Renewable energy value chains
  • Financing and operations for renewable projects
  • Regulatory and pricing options for renewables
  • Long-term perspectives for renewable energy markets

Corporate visits

  • Special access to various actors in the business sphere of Greater Montréal

Their doors are open to you

Several of HEC Montréal’s partner organizations allow program participants to visit their premises, depending on availability. Company executives meet with participants to discuss themes covered in the program. Some of these companies are Enercon, Énergir, Hydro-Québec and WSP.


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EMDP – Executive Energy Management Development Program

Program overview

  • A customized program that is adapted to the needs of energy sector companies and executives.
  • Training development, pedagogical support and program management provided by an expert team.
  • Several customizable options: location, languages, structures and formats (e.g., duration, in person or remote, accelerated or interspersed).
  • Program design based on a vast selection of seminars, subjects and themes.
  • A range of skills in areas such as management concepts, leadership, understanding the issues, mastery of tools that facilitate decision making, and the development of operational strategies.
  • Corporate visits or lectures given by leading experts at seminars in Montréal.

A broad offering of customized seminars

  • Skills management for the energy sector
  • Energy sector management
  • Energy sector projects: financial and economic analysis
  • Seminars upon request with customized content

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HEC Montréal, a leader in energy management

  • A first-rate team of faculty, researchers and industry leaders.
  • A Chair in Energy Sector Management and an energy and environmental knowledge transfer hub with internationally renowned and sought-after expertise.
  • A global network of some 50 industrial partners.
  • More than 30 programs for managers offered in 15 countries.
  • Training provided to more than 2,000 students and managers with great potential from 40 countries around the world.


University partners and organizations who have collaborated with us.

Graduate Diploma in Management – Energy, Mines and Natural Resources

China Guodian Corporation – China
Customizable program in energy management

China Three Gorges Corporation – China
EMDP – Executive Energy Management Development Program

Électricité d’Haïti – Haiti
ÉCLAIRAGE Energy Management Program

ITAM – Mexico
EMDP – Executive Energy Management Development Program

Naftogaz – Algeria
EMDP – Executive Energy Management Development Program

Congolese business group – government of the Republic of the Congo
Graduate Diploma in Management – Energy, Mines and Natural Resources

Sichuan Electric Power Corporation – China
EMDP – Executive Energy Management Development Program

TuniCREEE, The Tunisian Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Cluster – Tunisia

UIS – ECOPETROL – Colombia
EMDP – Executive Energy Management Development Program

Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) – Malaysia
EMDP – Executive Energy Management Development Program


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