Energy management programs

High-level, practical, innovative programs

With its unique expertise in the energy management sector, HEC Montréal offers organizations a range of customizable programs or degrees that meet the needs of their managers.

Adapted to sector needs

  • Programs developed for high-level executives in the electricity, natural resources, mining, gas and oil sectors.
  • Knowledge required for the energy sector, including a deep dive into the major issues and project analysis.
  • Initiation to the main principles of management, including energy management systems (EMS).
  • Notions relating to leadership, mobilization, strategy and change management.
  • New teaching methods that integrate theory and practice, analysis and synthesis, and reflection and action through case studies, team projects, simulations, and other activities.
  • Application of knowledge acquired in the program in a project to be defined in cooperation with the partner organization.
Pierre-Olivier Pineau

“Acceptability, sustainability, and environment—now more than ever, the energy sector must face new questions. Our programs provide the solid theoretical and practical skills needed to meet these day-to-day challenges.”

Pierre-Olivier Pineau, Chairholder of the Chair in Energy Sector Management

Graduate Diploma in Management – Energy, Mines and Natural Resources

Program overview

  • Program with theoretical and practical training for people who wish to pursue a management career in the energy, mining or natural resources sectors.
  • Program offered abroad, but subject to the usual conditions for admission and graduation at HEC Montréal.
  • Program adapted to the current realities of these sectors and to the training needs specified by organizations.
  • Development of specific skills in areas such as : project evaluation and financing; optimization of system operations; development and commercialization of energy efficiency and energy transition programs.
  • Development of a strong understanding of energy markets, energy and environmental policy, and investment and operational decisions.


Fundamentals (12 credits)

  • Basic Corporate Finance
  • Fundamentals of Management
  • Managerial Economy
  • Decision Support Models

Specialization (15 credits)

  • Energy Value Chain
  • Energy, Mines and Resources Sector Investment and Operations
  • Derivatives and Risk Management in Energy, Mining and Resources
  • Regulation and Issues in the Energy Sector
  • Developing and Marketing Energy Efficiency and Transition Program

Project course (3 credits)

  • Supervised Study Project

HEC Montréal, a leader in energy management

  • A first-rate team of faculty, researchers and industry leaders.
  • A Chair in Energy Sector Management and an energy and environmental knowledge transfer hub with internationally renowned and sought-after expertise.
  • A global network of some 50 industrial partners.
  • More than 30 programs for managers offered in 15 countries.
  • Training provided to more than 2,000 students and managers with great potential from 40 countries around the world.


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