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Exit Test in Business Spanish


This test assesses your ability to communicate and interact in Spanish in academic and professional settings. It measures reading and listening comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, and writing and speaking skills.

This is a two-part test that includes:

  • A 2-hour writing portion:
    • A multiple-choice section with 80 questions
    • A writing activity on a given topic. Criteria evaluated: text structure, the richness and variety of vocabulary used, and message/idea clarity.
  • A 10-minute oral portion on a topic relating to the business world or business ethics. Interviews will be held online via Teams according to the established schedule.

The two portions of the test cannot be considered separately. However, the written portion of the test must be completed before the oral portion. 


To find the test schedule:

  1. Go to HEC en ligne. Click on “Manage Classes”.
  2. Click on “Class Search and Enroll”.
  3. Choose the desired term.
  4. Enter “ELENHEC” in the search box.
  5. Click on the test session you found.
    • The “Enrollment Information” tab shows you the test registration deadlines.

To register:

  1. Click on the arrow to the right of the test you found.
    • This indicates the test is open.
    • If the arrow is missing, you can’t add the test to your shopping cart or register for it.
  2. Follow the steps displayed on the screen.
    • Note that if your enrollment period isn’t open, but your shopping cart is available, the test will be directly added to your cart. You will still need to complete the registration procedure for the test.
  3. Make sure the confirmation message is displayed on the screen.


Do a self-assessment to evaluate your knowledge of Spanish and increase your chances of passing.


Partial results will not be provided. The test is not complete until the oral portion has taken place.

Your results will be published at HEC en ligne > Test results, three weeks after the test date. The passing grade for the ELENHEC test is a B- (intermediate-advanced level) to receive a trilingual BBA mention. If you fail the test, you must take the course equivalent for the required level and receive a passing grade.


Courses and corresponding ELENHEC test grades

Business Spanish course passed Course grade               ELENHEC grade Corresponding skill level
N/A A+ Expert
N/A A to A- Advanced
LANG 91524E

A- to A+

B- to B+

D to C+




Intermediate-advanced (required for trilingual mention)

(required for international exchanges)

LANG 91523E

B to A+

D to B-



LANG 91522E

D to A+

D to C-

LANG 91521E

D to A+

D- to E



Register for the Español de los negocios - Intermedio-Avanzado course. If you pass the course, you will meet the language requirements and be exempt from taking the ELENHEC test.

Program BBA
Fees $74.95

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