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The Campus Without Borders team organizes the Campus Abroad course. This is an intensive three-credit course in which students from BAA, Certificate, MSc, DESS and MBA programs can participate.


Course objective

The aim of this course is to stimulate students' interest in international business and give them an insight into the best international management practices through field experience abroad. The course takes place in three stages.


The group participates in pre-departure training that gives them a basic understanding of the economic framework and socio-economic realities of the country or region to be visited. These activities include seminars, conferences and workshops on the economic, political and cultural aspects of the country.

The group stays in the country for two to three weeks to gain hands-on experience of its business environment, meeting specialists, managers and business leaders.

The group participates in a learning integration session that highlights the evolution of their learning throughout the three stages of the course.


teaching approach

The course combines two complementary teaching methods:

  • seminars, lectures and company visits;
  • experiential learning activities.

To promote experiential learning, students are also encouraged to develop activities on their own. They are encouraged to contact companies to initiate individual or small-group meetings, carry out international field projects to make contact with local populations, discover their new environment independently and report their reflections on it through a blog or diary, etc.


Students are evaluated as follows:

  • Participation (20%)
    The experiential learning formula is based on the richness of exchanges within the group and between participants and the context visited. Students receive a participation grade based on their contribution to the learning activities.

  • Teamwork (50%)
    Each team is responsible for organizing a project aimed at enriching knowledge of the country to be visited and the theme covered by the international campus.
    The team work must be between 20 and 25 pages long and can take a variety of formats, such as: an analysis of an industry or economic sector; a business plan; an in-depth analysis of a company visited or a comparative analysis of several companies visited, etc.

  • Individual work (30%)
    Each student is required to write a reflection paper of approximately 10 pages in which he or she presents: an analysis of the activities in which he or she took part; a reflection on the business practices observed; a reflection on the personal experience and learning achieved.


"If I had one piece of advice: Go for it! The experience is worth it, as much for the cultural immersion, the high quality professional activitites, and above all for the human experience."
Justine Carrière, D.E.S.S. Gestion du développement durable, 2019-Campus Abroad Mexico

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The Campus Without Borders team is responsible for managing all administrative aspects of international campus operations. It also supports faculty members in the planning and execution of international campus activities.


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