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Mitacs scholarship



Business Strategy Internships (BSI) - Mitacs   

In partnership with Mitacs, this internship assistance program enables many companies to adopt innovative and high-performance solutions. A

minimum grant of $5,000 per student will be given to companies, not-for-profit (NFP) organizations, hospitals, or municipalities to offer a Master’s level project of approximately four months to a student.  

The minimum contribution requested is $5,000. Mitacs will double the amount invested by the partner.  


How do I qualify?     

  1. Check if you meet the criteria below      
  2. Contact Anissa Boughazi, Director of Business Development at Mitacs and representative for HEC Montreal at or 514 239-9322
  3. Post your project offer on My career and follow the steps below*     
  4. Find your student       
  5. Notify us by writing to  
  6. Fill out the form sent by Career Management Services     
  7. Send your cheque to Mitacs and get your grant**.     
  8. Welcome your student!      


*Procedures when posting on My career: 

a) When you select the job category on Ma carrière, please check:      

-Supervised project (credited)   

-Integrative project in cultural business management (credited) 

-Integrative project in sustainable development (credited) 

-Intervention project in supply chain (credited) 

b) Select the following program:  

-Master of Science - MSc.  

-Master of management – MMEC & MMDD 


-Other programs are not covered by this grant     

View types of projects 

** Please note that the students will be paid by HEC Montréal.   




  • Minimum eligible hours: 500 hours    
  • Must operate and obtain a registered office in Canada    
  • Have full-time employees  


Projects (Master’s):     

  • Minimum eligible hours: 200 hours, depending on the project, including report writing      
  • Full or part-time, at the discretion of the intern and partner  
  • Extensive work which the student provides specialized expertise in his/her field of specialization.    
  • The student will identify possible solutions to a project or business problem and, if possible, make recommendations.  
  • Projects will be structured to undertake a strategic analysis of an organization; help re-establish or modify business operations in a new environment. Examples include:  
    • developing an innovative strategy for companies to do business development  
    • improving operations or processes 
    • developing a marketing or export strategy to new markets 
    • rethinking your digital presence  
    • conducting market research or software programming 

See examples of supervised projects by field of study here.    



  • Programs involved: Master’s level programs (MSc., DESS, MMEC, MMDD) 
  • Be a graduate student with a Canadian academic institution      
  • Not be a current, active participant in another Mitacs program     
  • International students are subject to the same rules as employment    


I'm about to post a job/internship, can I take advantage of this scholarship?    

Yes, if you meet the 500-hour requirement. For example, the student could work full-time this summer AND continue part-time in the fall and thus accumulate 500 hours of work.    

Please note that the scholarships are awarded following the analysis of the files. If the project does not meet the above criteria, it may be refused.  

What are the expected deliverables from program participants?   

Mitacs expects that students will complete a final report and submit to Mitacs and fill out an exit survey to help us gauge their experience, the success of the program, and solicit ideas about what could be changed to improve the program in the future. The student must also give a final presentation to their academic supervisor.  

Academic and industry supervisors will also fill out an exit survey.   


About Mitacs    

Mitacs is a national, not-for-profit organization that has designed and delivered research and training programs in Canada for 20 years. Working with 70 universities, 6,000 companies, and both federal and provincial governments, we build partnerships that support industrial and social innovation in Canada.  

Find out more about the program here or contact Anissa Boughazi, Director of Business Development at Mitacs and representative for HEC Montreal at or 514 239-9322.