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The Power to Make a Difference

Helping our students
Improving the
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"The Power to Make a Difference", What is it all About?


It is about empowering and enriching our community.


For you, it is about doing your part to help alleviate students’ financial stress, make it easier for them to continue their learning journey and encourage academic engagement.


For us, it is about supporting HEC Montréal's efforts to groom world-class management professionals and prepare them to face tomorrow's challenges.

Together, we can make a real difference for generations to come.

Michel Patry, PDG de la Fondation HEC Montréal, Mélanie Gagnon, directrice

“Contributions from our community, whatever form they may take, are a vital source of strength for HEC Montréal. Your gifts will make it possible to carry out forward-looking projects that help us grow, thrive and excel.”

Michel Patry, President and CEO of the HEC Montréal Foundation, Mélanie Gagnon, Director – HEC Montréal Foundation and Alumni Relations Office.

You can change the lives of our students

The dynamic community feel at HEC Montréal made me want to become more involved as a student. In addition to joining an association, I decided to work part-time for Student Services and with the HEC Montréal Foundation. When I graduate, I plan to stay involved through the fundraising campaign so other students can have access to the same resources and opportunities that were there for me.

Mathilde Farot, BBA (Bilingual Stream) HEC Montréal

I’ve been exposed to some great opportunities at HEC Montréal, from my involvement in a student committee to my participation in an international exchange program. These kinds of experiences made my time at HEC Montréal come alive and let me develop some very marketable skill sets. And I know all this is in large part because of the contributions of alumni and other generous donors!

Henri Poiret, BBA (Bilingual Stream) HEC Montréal

Every dollar counts

$ 25

Together, all the $25 contributions made in 2019 could help 40 students cope with financial hardships.

$ 50

Together, all the $50 contributions made in 2019 could help fund 30 merit scholarships.

$ 100

Together, all the $100 contributions made in 2019 could help fund 15 research grants.

Your commitment, our efforts

  • 800+ students supported every year through scholarships
  • COVID-19 pandemic: emergency funding granted to roughly 100 students through the Financial Assistance and Emergency Fund in the spring of 2020
  • Construction of a new building in downtown Montreal
  • Funding for the largest bilingual business library in Canada
  • Over time, donors have contributed to funding 16 research chairs
  • $245,000 in research grants for graduate students in 2019

A gift aligned with your values

Sustainable Initiatives Fund

This Fund aims to finance any initiative, project or activity that raises awareness, educates and informs the HEC's community about the themes and main pillars of sustainable development (economic, environmental, social and governance).

Emergency and Student Assistance Fund

This Fund provides assistance to students who are in a precarious financial situation or urgent needs that could compromise the pursuit of their studies. The purpose of this support is to recognize perseverance and prevent students from dropping out of school.

Entrepreneurship Support Fund

The purpose of this fund is to recognize entrepreneurship and encourage future entrepreneurs who wish to develop innovative businesses or grow existing businesses with high potential and offering concrete solutions to the challenges of our society.

Fonds des Bâtisseurs

Your donation to the Fonds des Bâtisseurs will help support HEC’s priorities to enhance student success, support ongoing research and improve the campus experience.



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