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2021 fundraising campaign kickoff

March 8, 2021

The HEC Montréal Foundation and Alumni Relations Office is launching today its annual fundraising campaign.

Despite all the difficulties caused by the health crisis in recent months,
HEC Montréal graduates came together to support the School’s initiatives and ensure the success of its students. 2020 was an unprecedented year, but it brought forth resilience, solidarity, and creativity throughout our community.


The coming years will bring their share of challenges. The HEC Montréal Foundation and Alumni Relations Office once again reiterates the importance of doing more for our students, our community, our School.

The Power to Make a Difference means combining our efforts to allow students to have a rewarding experience, despite the difficulties endured this past year. It is about adapting creatively to face new challenges. In short, it means to ensure the future of HEC Montréal by meeting the emerging needs of the School.

 “We are fortunate enough to have the support of a strong and engaged community. The exemplary solidarity shown last year encourages us to continue our mission and support HEC Montréal in its quest for excellence and innovation. It is by working together that we can, once again this year, reaffirm our commitment to our students and to our society" explains Mélanie Gagnon, Director of the HEC Montréal Foundation and Alumni Relations Office.

By donating to the Fonds des bâtisseurs, you are doing:

+ More to help students through scholarships and university competitions.
+ More to support research and innovation, allowing HEC Montréal to carve out a place for itself among the best management schools.
+ More to improve the campus experience thanks to the contributions made to the library, the student residence and to the enhancement of classrooms and study spaces, to name a few.

Big or small, a gesture of generosity can change a life!


“HEC Montréal provides remarkable support to ensure that each student has the opportunity to thrive. During my BBA, I was fortunate enough to receive 3 scholarships, including a financial support scholarship, which helped me alleviate some expenses and focus on my university course load. Thank you to all the donors who allowed me to fully enjoy the student experience at HEC Montréal!”

Laureen Krupka, student - MSc Digital Transformation of Organizations

“Working part-time at the HEC Montréal Foundation and Alumni Relations Office, I can see first-hand how the generosity of graduates allows the School to offer, in addition to scholarships, a unique experience to its students. HEC Montréal provides numerous resources allowing us to work and learn in a stimulating environment. A beautiful, spacious library with fully equipped study areas is just one example! These investments are possible in large part thanks to graduates who give back for the future of their School and for its continued improvement. We really appreciate it!”

Antsa Rabesahala, student - BBA (bilingual)

“The merit-based scholarship I received moved me greatly, because it comes from generous donors who want to help, support, recognize and contribute to the success of new members of the HEC Montréal community. As a recipient, I can assure you that these donations have a concrete impact not only on the financial situation of students, but also on their attitude. Donors inspire us with their actions. They demonstrate through their generosity that this sense of belonging persists after graduation and that graduates, like siblings, watch over each other. Thank you for your great generosity!”

Olivier Legault, BBA 2019 - MSc Business Intelligence 2021


Other funds have been set up to allow you to support large-scale projects or supervise the success of students who meet specific criteria:

Fonds Édifice Centre-Ville
Your donation allows HEC Montréal to carry out the construction of its new building and increase its range of distinctive programs.

Financial Assistance and Emergency Scholarship Fund
Your donation helps students experiencing a precarious financial situation or urgent financial needs that could compromise the pursuit of their studies (e.g., difficulties caused by the pandemic).

Scholarship Fund for Certificate Programs
Your donation makes it possible to offer merit-based scholarships to students enrolled in a certificate program.

You can select the project of your choice in the online donation form.

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