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HEC Montréal alumni association

Mobilizing and unifying people for the past 100 years

Founded in 1921 by a small group of graduates, the HEC Montréal Alumni Association now boasts more than 100,000 members. Its rich history reflects the strong sense of belonging to HEC Montréal, the internationalization of the institution and the growing prominence of women in the business world.

100 years of belonging

Within years of the inception of HEC Montréal, some graduates were inspired to create the first alumni association in 1914. The group became organized and officially became known as the Association des licenciés de l'École des hautes études commerciales in 1921. René Germain was named its first president. Since then, the association has grown in leaps and bounds. A century after its emergence, the Association continues to support the career development, networking and engagement of its members.

In 1935, members of the association marked the delegates’ departure for Europe to attend the Fêtes HEC France-Canada.

In 1996, the members gather for the Annual General Meeting and the New Year’s cocktail party of the Réseau HEC Montréal.

"We are a strong and active network. The September 2020 general meeting, which was held in virtual mode, broke an attendance record! We want to welcome more and more people to our activities and continue to be an Association in which people are eager to get involved."

Jonathan Plourde, current chair of the Association's Board of Directors (BAA 2005)

From 100 to 100,000

Could the pioneers have imagined in 1921 that 100 years later, the association would be 100,000-strong? The rising proportion of women is also remarkable. In 1978, the association named its first female chair: Suzanne Filiatrault. She certainly will not be the last. HEC has come a long way since 1943, when Alma Lepage became the first female graduate: 52% of the 2020 graduates were women.

Stéphanie Gaudette

"From the beginning of our studies at HEC Montréal, we were integrated into this family. I was part of it long before I graduated. The closeness to the faculty and the student community from all over the world, as well as the unparalleled supervision from the MBA team, forge really strong bonds that endure long after graduation.”

Stephanie Gaudette, 2017-2019 Association Board Chair (MBA 2013)

How many women graduate per year?

The first
woman graduate

In 1981

In 1996

In 2020

Increase in the number of association members

In 1921

In 1971

In 1996

In 2021

Global reach

The association’s reach spans well beyond Québec. Graduates in other Canadian provinces and abroad continue to network and support their alma mater.

Changes in the number of graduates from other countries

4 %

In 1984

15 %

In 2000

30 %

In 2020

The association’s global presence

  L’association dans le monde

Lou Larochelle

"From New York, I organize social activities that reinforce the feeling of belonging to our alma mater HEC Montréal. I meet extraordinary people while infusing a little French in my daily life.”

Lou Larochelle (HEC Montréal 2013 and 2017), HEC Montréal delegate in New York

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