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Where future and business meet

The first business school in Canada, HEC Montréal maintains exacting standards of academic and scientific excellence in everything it does.

HEC Montréal is an associate member of the Conférence des grandes écoles de France, a member of the Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute and a member of Quantitative Techniques for Economics and Management (QTEM), an international network.


Students and programs

Students by program - (Fall 2017)

Undergraduate 10,191
BBA 4,014
Certificates 6,177
Graduate - Master's Level 3,098
EMBA McGill-HEC Montréal 89
MBA 224
Master's 1,263
DESS (specialized graduate diplomas) 1,318
Short graduate programs (microprograms) 204
Graduate - PhD Level 112
PhD (10 specializations) 112
(excluding visiting students)

As at October 15, 2017

HEC Montréal students

Number of countries of origin 146

International student and permanent residents

Undergraduate 4,232
Graduate - Master's level 795
Graduate - PhD level 76
Total 4,232

As at October 15, 2017


Africa 39.04%
Europe 37.12%
Central and South America 11.74%
Asia 9.22%
United States and Mexico 1.65%
Oceania 1.23%



On the international scene

International exchange

Passport to the world international exchange program - The most extensive international exchange program in management in Canada.

149 partner institutions, in 45 countries1

Number of partner institutions  
Europe 76
Asia 26
Latin America 17
Oceania 17
Canada and United States 7
Near East 2
Africa 4
Students mobility (number of partners)  Programs Incoming Outgoing
Exchange program (136) BBA, MSc 508 477
Visiting students (2) BBA, MSc 11
Summer school (1) BAA 6
Entrepreneurship project (1) BAA 14 8
Learning Expedition (1) MSc 32

1. As at October 15, 2017

Campus abroad (2016-2017)

  • South Africa, Colombia, Europe, France, Israel, Mexico and Switzerland, for all students except MBA
  • China and Mumbai/Dubai for MBA and MSc students
  • Quebec: The Montréal Experience for foreign exchange students at HEC Montréal
  • Tour du Québec inc.: Histoire et Développement (course recognized by the AACSB for its creativity and innovation in teaching)

International training

International training for students, professionals, executives and managers on 4 continents

Number of activities Number of participants
International clientele
Customized programs for executives and managers 33 938
Graduate programs 47 733
Training of trainers 7 7
Other 3 23
Total 90 1 701

As at October 2017 data

Percentage of activities by partner location (international clientele)

Africa (Algeria, Congo, Tunisia, Morocco) 51 %
Europe (France, Norway) 26 %
Middle East (Lebanon) 15 %
Asia (China) 9 %

Main fields of expertise for international programs

Aeronautics, automobiles, big data, construction, energy, health, industry, insurance, sustainable development, user experience (UX).

Summer School


  • Courses in business French, business English and business Spanish
  • Introductory courses in business Chinese and Chinese business culture

HEC Montréal Executive Education

Training more than 7,000 executives and managers a year

For 60 years now, HEC Montréal has been involved in executive education both at home and abroad.
More than 90 public programs in 9 categories:

  • Big data and business intelligence
  • Communication
  • Finance and accounting
  • Growth strategy and executive leadership
  • HEC Montréal MBA essentials
  • Leadership and human resources
  • Management, change and innovation
  • Marketing and sales
  • Operations and logistics

More than 120 businesses work every year with the École des dirigeants to develop customized training sessions.

Creative Destruction Lab

The Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) is the leading program supporting scientific start-ups with significant growth potential.

HEC Montréal is partnering with the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto to offer this unique program.

It applies a goal-driven mentoring process led by experienced entrepreneurs and angel investors.
The CDL-Montréal program focuses on artificial intelligence and data science.




Over 45,000 students from 184 countries for the courses offered by HEC Montréal

Offered by HEC Montréal, Polytechnique Montréal and the Université de Montréal, EDUlib is a platform of online courses open to everyone.

The goal is to consolidate efforts by the three institutions to give them international visibility and allow everyone to take high-quality, varied courses from anywhere in the world.

Countries of participants

Canada 50 %
France 15 %
Haïti 9 %
Algeria 3 %
Morocco 2 %
Other 21 %



The multiplatform magazine for Francophone executives and managers!

Accessible around the globe, available in paper along with a content-rich website (revuegestion.ca), a digital version (Apple Store and Google Play) and a weekly newsletter.

A digital version of the magazine is also available to all HEC Montréal students.

Global business readership, with more than 22,000 subscribers.

  • 40% executives and 20% managers
  • 75% in North America, 15% in Francophone Europe and 10% in Africa and the Maghreb
  • 95% of readers are university graduates and 70% have a Master's degrees


Alumni HEC Montréal is one of the largest business networks in Quebec. All school alumni are members.

  • Over 87,900 alumni since 1907
  • More than 20 get-togethers and networking activities every year
  • 5 regional sections across Canada
  • International presence:
    • Close to 10,500 alumni around the globe 
    • Major presence in Europe, with HEC Montréal Europe Alumni
    • Activities in New York, Paris, Dakar, Beijing and more than 30 other cities worldwide
  • Discounts and privileges just for alumni
  • Lots of ways to get involved


Career Management Service available to alumni throughout their careers.

Ranking in the 2016 Emerging and Trendance Global Employability: Ranking 44th

Alumni in 2016-2017

Undergraduate 2,925
BBA 1,019
BGest and BSc 115
Certificates 1,791
Graduate - Master's level 1,415
MBA and EMBA 194
Master's 482
Specialized graduate diplomas 650
Short graduate programs (microprograms) 89
Graduate - PhD level 24
PhD 24
TOTAL 4,364

As at October 15, 2017


HEC Montréal Foundation

In 2016, the HEC Montréal Foundation received $10,512,012 in pledges, which went to:

  • Helping our students
  • Supporting research
  • Enhancing facilities


$1,182,700 in scholarships and bursaries

to 1,164 deserving students


$1,713,759 to research and funding Chair work

Campus facilities

$290,414 to upgrading the library

4,841 donors

89% of donors are HEC Montréal alumni

Sources of donations:

  • 82% from individuals
  • 18% from organizations

We were the first university foundation in Quebec to be certified under the BNQ (Bureau de normalisation du Québec) standard for charity governance and best management practices (2013–2017). Although the program is no longer in effect, we continue to apply the principles of good governance, integrity and transparency to all of the Foundation’s operations.



By department 281
Accounting 43
Applied Economics 26
Management Sciences 30
Entrepreneurship and Innovation 13
Finance 25
Human Resources Management 16
Information Technology 19
International Business 18
Logistics and Operations Management 18
Management 48
Marketing 25

As at October 15, 2017

By rank
96 Full
87 Associate
40 Assistant
3 Guest and visiting faculty
55 Full-time lecturers
45 Other

As at October 15, 2017

% of international professors 44.8%
% with a PhD 78.6%
% of women 35.6%
Average age 48.7
Number of hires in last 5 years 92

As at October 15, 2017


In 2016–2017, 500 lecturers shared their knowledge and expertise with the School’s students.

Postdoctoral interns

From August 31, 2016 to August 31, 2017, HEC Montréal welcomed 44 postdoctoral interns.


Administrative and support staff

80 Managers
227 Professionals and research staff
138 Clerical
111 Technical
61 Trades
617 Total

As at October 15, 2017


Research and knowledge transfer

HEC Montréal is known internationally for its research activities:

  • 28 research chairs, including 4 Canada Research Chairs and the NSERC-PROMPT Industrial Research Chair in user exprerience
  • 28 research and knowledge transfer units
  • 11 technologies transferred to industry
  • 6 patent applications
  • 2 spin-off companies: Baton simulations and Imarklab
  • Over 1,285 products for sale on the eValorix.com platform
  • 30 research agreements

Annual research and knowledge transfer results

  • $19.5 million in research funding, including $3.3 million for community service projects
  • 217 articles in refereed journals
  • 57 professors and researchers published books or parts of books
  • 221 papers at scientific and professional conventions
  • 408 MSc theses and supervised projects
  • 25 PhD dissertations
  • 18 Faculty members of the Royal Society of Canada

2016-2017 data

Journals published by HEC Montreal


IVADO was launched with the goal of making Montréal a world leader in big data mining. The Institute brings together nearly 900 data scientists acknowledged as global leaders. HEC Montréal, Polytechnique Montréal and the Université de Montréal have joined forces to create the country’s largest centre of expertise in big data mining. IVADO’s researchers will devise future-oriented solutions in many sectors, ranging from energy to transportation and logistics, health and biomedical research and finance and trade.


The largest user-experience (UX) research laboratory in North America

This laboratory’s researchers analyze interactions between organizations’ technological interfaces and their employees or consumers.


Calculation and Data Mining Laboratory

This laboratory uses its servers and workstations to manage access to databases in economics, finance, marketing and other management fields and to specialized software for processing such data and performing scientific simulations and calculations.



Advanced resources

The largest bilingual business library in Canada

  • Open 7 days a week
  • 774 seats
  • 32 computer terminals, including 2 Bloomberg terminals
  • 12 teamwork rooms and 3 collaborative work spaces

Traditional documentary resources

  • 112,699 books
  • 951 periodical titles (printed)

Online resources

  • 211 databases
  • 12,787 audiovisual documents
  • 111,941 periodical titles
  • 302,655 electronic books


  • 3 cutting-edge buildings (including 1 devoted to research – Tech3 Lab)
  • 1 student residence
  • 72 classrooms and laboratories
  • 2 amphitheatres
  • 82 study and teamwork rooms
  • 1 fully equipped video recording studio
  • 2 LEAF-certified cafeterias
  • 1 restaurant (seats 140)
  • 1 indoor parking lot (475 spots)
  • 1 HEC Montréal daycare centre (2 sites)
  • 1 forest garden – Hectare urbain

Technology and audiovisual

  • Videoconference environments and rearrangeable classrooms with cutting-edge multimedia infrastructure
  • Trading room with 24 workstations, Reuters and Reuters X-Cobra platforms, Bloomberg terminals, interactive boards and specialized software
  • Live or offline webcasting
  • Video, audio and multimedia production service to support teaching and research
  • In-class technical support
  • Digital learning environment (DLE) including functionalities for online learning
  • Integrated management system for all administrative functions

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