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Equity, diversity, inclusion

Our process

For an inclusive campus

In 2020, HEC Montréal adopted a policy on equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) and an action plan aligned with it. As part of this process, students, faculty and staff had the opportunity to take part in a consultation.

At HEC Montréal, our values lead us to foster a respectful and open environment where different people can live, work and study. That’s why one of the strategic objectives of our Strategic Plan is to create conditions that further promote equity, diversity and inclusion.

“HEC Montréal has a proud tradition of openness and inclusion. Our diversity of ideas, experiences and ways of thinking and seeing the world creates an abundance of intellectual and creative thought upon which we draw to stay forward thinking and demonstrate leadership. I encourage you to embody this culture every day.”

Federico Pasin, director
Before 2020: EDI in research and the Dimensions charter

In 2017, HEC Montréal developed an Action Plan to Promote Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Research entitled “Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: Keys to Excellence in Research.” The plan addressed the under-representation of the four designated groups—women, Indigenous persons, persons with disabilities, and members of visible minorities—when allocating its Canada Research Chairs.

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When we decided to adhere to the Dimensions charter in 2019, HEC Montréal joined many other Canadian institutes of higher education in committing to providing an equitable, diverse and inclusive environment for our community. The charter’s eight principles aim to foster increased research excellence, innovation and creativity within the post-secondary sector.

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Policy adoption calendar

HEC Montréal’s goals were to adopt the following:

We launched a consultation process and were able to adopt our new policy in fall 2020.

September 2019 The equity, diversity and inclusion action plan (French only) was adopted
November 2019 – January 2020 The first version of our policy on equity, diversity and inclusion was drafted
March 2020 A consultation was held to develop a common vision and ensure that the policy met the needs of all community members
May 2020 A voluntary survey was conducted to take stock of the diversity among our faculty and staff
Winter 2020 The policy was revised based on feedback from the consultation
September 2020

Discussion groups were held on two aspects of the policy’s application:

  • Key behaviours and actions for community members to take
  • Concrete actions for the School to take (recommendations)
September-October 2020 The policy was adopted by our Executive Committee, Academic Council and Board of Directors

Striving for a more inclusive culture

HEC Montréal was originally created in 1907 to offer French-speaking students the option to study management in their own language and country. Since that time, the School has grown and transformed continuously.

Today’s student body is thriving and very conscious of the rest of the world. Nearly a third of our students hail from outside of Quebec, and all can benefit from the range of backgrounds found among our faculty and staff. Year over year, we measure how this diversity contributes to the excellence of our community.

“These types of changes require us to update our practices. Our community members must be welcomed, integrated and treated equitably. We will weave the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion into all of our policies, practices and processes.”

Johanne Turbide, Secretary General
Fatiha Ghazi

"As an immigrated person, I am proud to represent a student body with a rich linguistic and cultural identity. We can build a more inclusive campus. I have committed to ensuring more women have access to the MBA program."

Fatiha Ghazi, President of MBA-HEC Student Association

Governance and main roles

HEC Montréal’s Board of Directors

  • Adopts the policy

Member list

Executive Committee

  • Approves the action plan
  • Promotes the vision of equity, diversity and inclusion across all School activities
  • Monitors the yearly progress of action plan implementation

Member list

EDI Permanent Committee

  • Ensures engagement in all units
  • Sets priorities
  • Approves the annual report


  • Caroline Aubé, Director, Research Knowledge and Transfer Office
  • Marc Beauparlant, Director, Human Resources Office
  • François Bellavance, Director, Academic Programs Office
  • Jean Elsliger, Director, Student Services
  • Marc-Antonin Hennebert, Director, Faculty Affairs
  • Johanne Turbide, Secretary General

EDI Work Group

  • Formulates the Policy on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)
  • Implements the action plan


  • Marie-Ève Beauchamp-Legault, PhD student
  • Geneviève Bergeron, Individual Support and Learning Coordinator, Student Services
  • Sophie Briand, Director of Operations, Research and Knowledge Transfer Office
  • Jean-Michel Champagne, Sustainable Development Officer
  • Émilie Dalcourt, Talent Acquisition Coordinator, Human Resources Office
  • Marie-Hélène Dionne, Community Relations and Agreements Director
  • Geneviève Gélinas, Associate Registrar
  • Elizabeth Gladkov, Specialized Graduate Diploma Student
  • Hugo Guerche, Master student
  • Kamil Lahchiri, BBA student
  • Sylvain Lussier, Certificate student
  • Geneviève Lutz, Associate Director, Faculty Affairs
  • Lisanne Tremblay, EDI Advisor

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