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Renewing a temporary resident visa (TRV)

Temporary resident visas (TRV) are required for nationals of certain countries. They are needed for entering Canada and returning after a trip abroad.

It is not compulsory to renew your TRV if you are not planning to leave and come back to Canada by plane. However, we do recommend that you do, in case you need to take an emergency flight.

If that is your case

In order to apply for a new TRV, you should have already obtained an extension of your study permit or a post-graduation work permit.

Find out what steps you need to take

Apply online from Canada

There is a fee for this application: See list of fees.

Step 1: Log in or create your MyCIC account by clicking on “Continue to Sign-In Partner” or “Continue to GCKey.”
Forgot your sign-in details? Create a new account by using one of these two ways to sign in.

Step 2: Click on “Apply to come to Canada”.

Step 3: The system will take you through a series of questions.

The form that students complete to request this type of document should look like the one below.

Que souhaiteriez-vous faire au Canada? et Quel est votre statut d'immigration actuel au Canada

Que souhaiteriez-vous faire au Canada? et Quel est votre statut d'immigration actuel au Canada?

You should end up with the below result.

Visiteurs (au Canada)

Visiteurs (au Canada)

Step 4: Upload the required documents at the end of the questionnaire. The designated learning institution number for HEC Montréal is O19359011058. You do not have to sign the IMM5710 form.

After you apply

You will receive information about sending your passport to the Case Processing Centre in Ottawa. Look for messages in your inbox and your MyCIC account.

Need help?

Email us at sae.accueil@hec.ca.

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