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Government financial assistance

The Government of Quebec’s Student Aid (AFE) programs are intended for Canadian citizens, permanent residents or refugees who are residents of Quebec. All the relevant information is available on their website.

Loans and Bursaries Program

You are a full-time student or you are deemed to pursue full-time studies:

Participate in student financial assistance sessions

Learn more about the Loans and Bursaries Program

Apply online for financial assistance

Loan Program for Part-time Studies

You are a part-time student and are enrolled in at least 6 credits:

Learn more about the Loan Program

Apply online for a loan

New student in Quebec

You have not yet been assigned a permanent code by the Ministry, so you must submit a paper version of your application for financial assistance.

Form – Loans and Bursaries for full-time studies

Form – Loan for part-time studies

Once you have filled out your form, please feel free to consult us to ensure that everything is complete before sending it. This will prevent errors that could delay your payments.

Useful information


Institutional code and program code

The HEC Montréal institutional code is 976001. See the following list for the program code to enter in your application.

BBA preparatory year



Propaedeutic courses



Short undergraduate program

Specialized Undergraduate Program (D.E.S.S.) 15017
Maîtrise en management et développement durable 15019









MBA 15115
Master of Science (MSc) in Management 15117
PhD 15117

Independent study



Your status

Full-time student

You must be enrolled in courses worth at least 12 credits per session, including the summer session, to be considered a full-time undergraduate student (preparatory, BBA, certificates and independent study).

For Master’s-level studies, your status depends on the threshold set by the registrar for your program. Generally speaking, full-time students are enrolled in courses worth 9 credits per session (6 credits in the summer session). However, there are many exceptions, such as the MBA, MMIAM and short graduate programs where you must be enrolled in courses worth 12 credits per session (6 credits in the summer) to be considered full-time, so we suggest that you ask the advisor for your program about the number of credits you must be enrolled in to be considered a full-time student.

For programs with a thesis or dissertation (MSc and PhD), there are no minimum credits required. You must be registered as a full-time student with the Registrar's Office.

Deemed full-time student

You may study part-time and still be deemed a full-time student for purposes of Student Financial Assistance if you meet any of these criteria. If so, you must be enrolled in courses worth at least 6 credits per session.

Canadian students, non-resident of Quebec

If you are a resident of another province or territory, you may be eligible for financial assistance in your province or territory of residence. Consult your Provincial and territorial student financial assistance offices for details on eligibility, deadlines and procedures for submitting your application for financial assistance.

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