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Emergency measures


Emergency measures

The best person to ensure your safety is yourself!
To better protect yourself, you should know how to react in different circumstances.

Medical emergency

If a person’s life is in danger:

  • Call 911 immediately.
  • Call Security Service: 514 340-6611.
  • Reassure the person and wait for the help of a first-aid worker (or a member of Security Service).

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Armed intruder

In the presence of an armed intruder:

  1. Remain calm and silent.
  2. Avoid attracting the individual’s attention.
  3. Avoid making eye contact with the individual.
  4. Never attempt to stop an armed intruder.
  5. Do not pull the fire alarm.

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When you hear a fire alarm or an emergency intercom message to evacuate, please act promptly:

  • Stop what you are doing in a safe manner.
  • Close the doors as you leave.
  • Evacuate the building through the nearest exit. Do not use the elevators.

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