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Financial Aid

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Student Life and events


Our team

Lucie Ackermann, Coordinator – Scholarships and Student Financial Aid
lucie.ackermann@hec.ca, 514-340-6945
Decelles, office 5.138

Mélanie Archambault, Psychologist
melanie.archambault@hec.ca, 514-340-3820
Decelles, office 5.126

Émilie Bégin, Advisor – Support for students with disabilities
emilie.2.begin@hec.ca, 514-340-1200
Decelles, office 5.130

Geneviève Bergeron, Advisor – Support for students with disabilities
genevieve.bergeron@hec.ca, 514-340-6000, extension 2927
Decelles, office 5.122

Joanne Diwan, Administrative Director –  Scholarships and Student Financial Aid
joanne.diwan@hec.ca, 514-340-3822
Decelles, office 5.140

Jean Elsliger, Director
jean.elsliger@hec.ca, 514-340-6167
Decelles, office 5.148

Guy Epassy, Student Advisor – Activities Coordinator Scholarships and Student Financial Aid
guy.epassy@hec.ca, 514-340-7180
Decelles, office 5.132

Marie-Édith Ferland McCollough, Coordinator – Scholarships and Student Financial Aid
m-edith.mccollough@hec.ca, 514-340-6620
Decelles, office 5.146

Marie-Thérèse Garruto, Psychologist
marie-therese.garruto@hec.ca, 514-340-6000 extension 1136
Decelles, office 5.128

Aminata Kenkiki, Advisor – Residence and Accommodation
aminata.kenkiki@hec.ca, 514-340-1236
Côte-Sainte-Catherine, office RJ.711e

Maud-Andrée Lemieux, Coordinator – Reception, Integration and Immigration
maud-andree.lemieux@hec.ca, 514-340-6049
Côte-Sainte-Catherine, office RJ.711c

Stéphanie Leverdier, Coordinator – Student Life, Residence and Associations
stephanie.leverdier@hec.ca, 514-340-6000, extension 2802
Côte-Sainte-Catherine, office RJ.711a

Karine Parent, Executive Secretary 
karine.parent@hec.ca, 514-340-6166
Decelles, office 5.137

Audrey Pinaud, Senior Advisor – Student life and Events
audrey.pinaud@hec.ca, 514-340-6638
Côte-Sainte-Catherine, office RJ.711

Hugues Pouliot, Coordinator – Scholarships and Student Financial Aid
hugues.pouliot@hec.ca, 514-340-6945
Decelles, office 5.138

Chantal Prud’homme, Activities Coordinator – Student Life and Events
chantal.prudhomme@hec.ca, 514-340-6437
Côte-Sainte-Catherine, office RJ.711

Joanne Salem, Coordinator – Scholarships and Student Financial Aid
joanne.salem@hec.ca, 514-340-6000, extension 6168
Decelles, office 5.144

Christine Smilga, Psychologist
christine.smilga@hec.ca, 514-340-3820
Decelles, office 5.124

Jean-François St-Pierre, Director – Student community relations
jean-francois.st-pierre@hec.ca, 514-340-6405
Côte-Sainte-Catherine, office RJ.711d

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