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HEC Montréal provides a showcase for public art in partnership with Art Public Montréal

Monday May 1, 2017

HEC Montréal will be displaying three public works of art, acquired under the Quebec government program to integrate art into architecture (1% policy), in partnership with Art Public Montréal (a city of Montréal initiative).

HEC Montréal will be joining the 45 partners in this group and the School’s public works of art will be added to the collection of 700 pieces described on the Art Public Montréal digital platform (


Panorama 23° 27’and Le vent se lève

Two of the pieces will be displayed at the Côte-Ste-Catherine building.

First of all, Panorama 23° 27’, by artist Christian Kiopini, is a monumental work of constructivism, based on a grid concept, using blue as the base colour.

The second piece is an outdoor sculpture entitled Le vent se lève, by artist Catherine Widgery, representing a gold-leafed pyramid, the corners of which are perched on four tree-shaped bronze pillars.


A mural in the Decelles building

Mural art is in the spotlight at the Decelles building, with a black and white collaborative mural by the EN MASSE project. The mural, created by several young artists, possesses the power of a collective vision, giving it more impact than an individual creation.

The pieces in the Art Public Montréal database can also be viewed in person, by public transit, by bicycle or on foot, on thematic, historical or fun tour routes. Art lovers can enjoy public artwork and murals across the city, in its parks and public spaces and at partner institutions like HEC Montréal.

The HEC Montréal community and the general public are invited to admire these three public works of art and the Art Public Montréal collection.




About Art Public Montréal

Art Public Montréal is an initiative of the city of Montréal to bring together the owners of public artworks in Montréal with some of the city’s key players. Working in collaboration with Tourisme Montréal, Art Public Montréal’s objective is to increase awareness of Montréal as an international public art destination.


About HEC Montréal

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